It is always not possible to have your media device and the Chromecast on the same wireless network, especially when you are not in your house. But what if you want to cast your videos when you are not at home? Don’t worry, now you have a app named Local cast Android app that you will use for streaming the content when you are not at home and your media device and chromecast is not the same network connection. For this you will need an Android device and a Google Drive. Here’s how you can cast video via Google Chromecast Setup from Google Drive to your Tv:

Download the Local Cast

Firstly, search and install the local cast app from Google Play store on your Android device. This app is an ad supported app and best alternate for the All cast app.

Download Cloud Plugin

Local cast is the fantastic app out of the box and has the ability to cast the media files that are stored on your phone or tablet. You will need a plugin for giving it access to Google Drive. Open the home screen of the app > side menu > cloud menu > get the cloud plugin > download now. Now you will be directed to the page of Google Play for Cloud Plugin, and you will need to install it.

Giving the access of Google Drive to Local Cast

When you go back to your local cast app then you will see two new menu options under Cloud which are Google Drive and Google+. Click on Google Drive as we need this. Now you will be asked for selecting the Google Drive account. After selecting the account click on OK and then again on OK for granting the permission of local cast of accessing Google Drive.

Cast the uploads of Google Drive

Now you are ready for casting your content. Unlike any other chromecast compatible apps you will need to begin with clicking on the cast icon which Is at the top of the screen. After that select your Chromecast. Now you will steer through your Drive folder and click on the video that you want to play. In case of any difficulty, you can take Chromecast Help.

The local cast app is compatible with the videos with VP8 and H.264 codecs. You may think that it is limited but you will find that most of the videos are decoded in either of these codecs even the audio support also includes the most common format, so you will not encounter any issue in that front as well. One thing you will get as bonus which is streaming of music from your Google Drive account along with photos that you have stored on Google Drive on to your HDTV. With the help of new plugin, the local cast app becomes the best media player which is an allrounder also for the Chromecast which is available today in market.  For more information, you can navigate to Www Chromecast Setup.


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