Previously people needed extension to cast straight from Google Chrome but now Google Cast built right into Chrome. As we know through Google Cast you we can cast our favorite entertained from our phone, tablet or laptop right to our TV or speakers. In order to Set up ChromeCast, people don’t necessarily have to go through too many steps. Instructions of setup is simple plus you can easily find them by navigating to Www ChromeCast com Setup. As you know to cast straight from Google Chrome, an extension is must for people previously but latest version of bowser that is no longer the case — it is now supported natively.

Now users no need to turn any unusual flags or advanced features to use Cast from Chrome. As Martin Brinkmann over at gHack explains, all you need to do is open the page you want to cast and then select “cast’ after opening the context menu. Procedure is simple but still if you’re not clear with it then you can take ChromeCast help.

This option will be visible even if you don’t have a Chromecast or other Google Cast device. Just make a click and it will bring up the following said dialog.

In addition, now users no need to worry about resolution, bitrate, quality and other options. System will recognize the content and quality of your network, optimizing the stream to better suit your needs.