Google Chromecast is getting upgraded to 4K ultra HD and the device will release in the fall of 2016.In addition to the upgrade the latest version will have enhanced internal specifications, a new app design, and new physical design too. Now we will discuss the further details of the new version.

Most of us are already aware what  Chromecast is, but those who are not aware of Chromecast, Chromecast is highly popular and affordable dongle which streams or casts content wirelessly from Chromecast device after chromecast download to your TV or 4K TV.

Google Chromecast 4K is likely to release in this fall

However, at times you might get confused between “Chromecast” and “Google cast”. Well, chromecast is the dongle which is used for streaming and “Google cast” is the technology and streaming service. For example Vizio’s 2016 4K TV like the p-series and M-series models offer Google cast through their own Smartcast app and they are said to offer Google cast instead of chromecast because they don’t require chromecast dongle for streaming.

Want To Know How To Get More Out Of Your Chromecast Devices?

It was launched in 2013 and later on Google introduced its second version of chromecast known as Chromecast 2 in 2015. This version had provided more speed and was more flexible and offered a broader range of content through a Google Cast app after chromecast app download.

As the Chromecast 4K is concerned it will be similar in many ways but in addition, it will have support for casting 4K ultra HD content which can be streamed to your compatible 4K TV. Basically, new Chromecast will be a kind of a set-top-box without internal storage. What makes this new device different is that it will be the first device which will be offering 4K content through a tine dongle. Whereas, other set-top boxes such as both Amazon and Roku offers 4K UHD streaming but their Amazon Fire TV stick and Roku Stick lacks it.Google will be first to do this if it releases 4K Chromecast in October as being reported so far.

Apart, from 4K UHD streaming it will also provide enhanced Wi-Fi capacity and multiple radio antennas for minimal streaming interference. Further, there is a possibility that device will be called either “Chromecast Plus or “Chromecast Ultra”.

Pricing and availability?

Google Chromecast 4K is likely to release in this fall

So far, what we know about the Chromecast 4K is that the new device will be available after October 4Th hardware event. In this event, Google will also introduce new pixel phones and new Chromecast audio device. As per the rumors, it is likely that Chromecast 4K will release in this fall.

There is no information regarding the price .It could be less or more or same price that of existing Chromecast 2.

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