Google is celebrating chromecast Birthday as it’s been three years and this device has undergone many changes to be better and better each generation.

Whoa! It has been three years since original Chromecast came. It was dongle shaped device and later the design changed and now it comes puck-like device which comes in three colors such as orange, black and lemonade. Time just flies when you are streaming your video using chromecast isn’t it?

To celebrate the occasion Google has marked the occasion on the Google Store’s page by saying Happy Birthday chromecast to celebrate its success but, if you are looking for any promotional deals and I really don’t think you need a reason or a deal to buy this amazing device which is at $35.

It is not a complex gadget that involves a lot of technicalities. However, anybody can use it without any hassle by using little bit chromecast support. Its strength lies in its simple working and low price.

The first generation of chromecast came into demand because of its simple integration. You can integrate Android phones and chrome browsers to it easily just by simply chromecast setup and one of the reasons for the sales of chromecast is that it comes at a cheaper price and is a solution to every other streaming device or set-top boxes.

Further, App Developers added Google Cast feature to the audio and visual devices so that quality content can be seen on the larger screens by chromecast download

Then second-generation came with a more flexible design. It has support for AC and 5 Hz Wi-Fi networks and comes in three colors but only in an audio-only version that was able to work via headphones jack.

Now the third generation of chromecast is built into Android TV set-top boxes and televisions and Cast support devices like Wi-Fi-equipped TVs from Sharp, Vizio, Sony, and more.

The whole innovation is not bad as it’s merely three years’ time span for chromecast.