Google Chromecast Is a streaming dongle that lets you stream your favorite content after getting connected with your wi-fi and TV. You stream almost every type of content with the help of this streaming dingle. Google Home Is also a product by Google like chromecast. Rather it is a technology as it is a smart speaker that comes with a digital assistant that does all your work for you such as managing your smart home devices, playing music for you, booking a cab, and many more.

But there is one more thing that you can do with your Google Home, which is controlling your Google Chromecast device. Yes, it is right that you can control Google Chromecast with Google Home. Here we have come up with a small guide with some simple and easy steps that will help you controlling your Google Chromecast with your Google Home:

  • Firstly, visit the Google Play Store on your iOS or Android device and download the application for google Home. This app was actually used to be called Google Cast, so you may already see it on your device if you have already installed Cast.
  • Now Google Home will search for the devices around your house. Again, it is very important and essential that your device is on the same wi-fi on which you have your Google Home and Google Chromecast, otherwise It will not find anything.
  • The Google Home app must recognize and find at least one Chromecast and your Google Home device.
  • The Google Home app is loaded with many applications that support Google Chromecast. You can also use recommendations and open the apps like for example, Netflix, and the cast a specific Tv show or movie to your TV using the Cast button at the top of the screen.
  • A tab named Discover will also show you applications that you have not installed yet but you might want to use, such as FOX Sports Go, Stacker Radio, NFL Sunday Ticket, FOX Now, and much more. Anything which is listed here will work with your Google Chromecast from the individual applications.
  • Your voice can also be used for asking Google Home to play certain content on your TV. The functions are still limited but added support is coming soon.
  • For playing music, you need to say, Play, 311 on my TV and it will begin to stream on your Chromecast. For streaming to Chromecast in a specific room in your house, you need to ensure to name each one individually, for the room it is in. If you will name your Chromecast of living room, as Living Room, then you can say your assistant Stream 311 to play living room TV.
  • For playing music from other applications, simply say, Play Rolling Stones from Spotify on my TV. If you want you can replace Spotify with Pandora or YouTube if you prefer those services. Yet no other third party applications have supported, but as per Google more are on the way.
  • For playing a YouTube Video, simple say something such as Play the latest Techno Buffalo video from YouTube on my TV.

That’s it. Google Home and Google Chromecast work really well together and you can sync up multiple Chromecast to play different content in different rooms, and all just with your voice or through Google Home application.

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