If you’re out of those people who are looking for looking for the advice regarding how to use Chromecast with Google Home, then here we are to give you precise steps. No need to worry if you haven’t tried using your Chromecast with Google Home and if you are new to this amazing streaming device then you can visit www chromecast com setup so that you can catch the accurate steps of setup.

Well, as we know about Google Home and Chromecast, both gadgets can get controlled with the help of free Google Home app, which you can easily get by navigating to the App Store or Google Play Store means these devices then made a direct link with your Google account. You just need to give your voice command to Google Home.

First, you need set up your Chromecast, and if you know none about the procedure of setup, then you can easily grab the Google Chromecast Setup by getting in touch with professionals. Below you can check the steps regarding how to setup Google Home, once you have done with setup procedure, then you can easily use the Google with your Chromecast.

  1. First, you need to download the free Google Home app, and the install it properly. The Android users can get this app from the Google Play store whereas iOS users can get it from App Store.
  2. If you are using the Google Home app for the first time, then this device will look for your device but before this, if you have already used this app then your device will recognize this app easily.
  3. Now you can see the connection to your device such as phone or tablet through which you’re attempting the process of setup. Your ears will catch a sound which indicates that connection is successful. If your ears don’t catch the sound of the click, then you need again.
  4. Now you will hear this from your device that which place at your home you will choose where you will place the Google Home device. Well, later you can also go for the Google Home units which provide you the configuration of several rooms set up. You just need to make a selection of room and hit Tap.
  5. Now it’s essential to make the connection between your Home Wi-Fi network and Google Home. Go to the list and choose accordingly, then fill up the suitable password and hit Continue. For the confirmation, you again need to hit on tap on Continue; this will let you know plus give your surety that yes, you’re successfully connected to your Wi-Fi network.
  6. Alright, now you need to make a connection between your Google Assistant and Google account. To do this, simply fill up the suitable credentials. If you have got many accounts on Google, then you just need to make a selection of one account which you want to use.
  7. You will see the prompts in which you will be asked to permit Google Home to turn on some account settings which reside on your gadget. – ‘Web & App Activity’ and ‘Device Information.’ Now hit ‘Yes,’ navigate to next screen and hit Continue. Later, you can also set up many accounts.
  8. As you navigate to next screen, you need to look for the address that has been suggested by the Google. If you want any changes in your settings, then you need to click on the pencil icon and step ahead to ‘Set Location.’
  9. Now if you want to get the notification regarding latest aspects, offer, and apps, etc. for you Google Home and the Google Assistant, then you can choose accordingly.
  10. Now you will see the tutorial regarding how to use this superlative device. Now it’s all up to you, you can skip the tutorial, or you can watch it out. Now you are ready to use your device with Chromecast as well, for any Chromecast Help, you can contact experts.


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