Google Chromecast is a product that gives you the access to almost every type of content so that you will get a massive range of channels and never ending content to see. Chrome Cast Setup is very easy and simple. Chromecast is small dongle that plugs into the HDMI port of your Tv and that’s it you can enjoy whatever you want to see.

Google always comes with the deals on its products whether its smartphones, digital assistants, or steaming devices. Now google has come up with promotion of HBO launch that initially provided the users Vodafone, and now Google will give the miasma opportunity to its users through Google Chromecast streaming device.

Google and your Chromecast

If we see in terms of sales, then one thing can be said that Google Chromecast did not hit the market in the good time. As the smart Tv is now available, so many people have not the need to purchase a Chromecast now, since their television already works as such. But, still, there are many people who own a Google Chromecast or who cannot afford a Smart Tv. And this promotion has been addressed for those people owning the Chromecast with them. I would describe the Google Chromecast device as small, discrete, economical, and portable.

The Chromecast and HBO promotion

You just need a single Chromecast to have the free two months of HBO. It is as simple as buying a Chromecast, either through a store or any physical electronics or large stores. The price is 30 Euros and it will the best and easiest way to turn your simple TV into a smart TV. I have always recommended Chromecast to those people who don’t want to spend so much money on Apple TV 4. For more information take Chromecast Support.

How promotion can be Activated

For activating the promotion, you will need to open the Google Home app and go to the icon on menu deployment. Then search out for the option of offers. Once you are inside the option of offers by clicking on the option, you will see the two months free HBO promotion. It is very simple and in case of any difficulty you can also take Chromecast Help. Now just register yourself and you will get a code that you will need to use a little later. This promotional offer will end on May 30th, 2017, although you can redeem the coupon of the promotion up to one month later. There is still much time, but we suggest you not neglect too much.

The small Print of Promotion

In every promotion, there is small print, but if it’s not there then there is nothing that can harm us in this case. This promotion is only valid for new HBO accounts. As simple as creating a new account for enjoying the two month of free HBO. The free month that HBO will offer then registering will not accrue to this Google promotion. It is very much clear the HBO is still very far from the services like Netflix, but time to time, Netflix also did not start with too many series catalog in Spain and now has many series to enjoy. Just enjoy your streaming with Chromecast.


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