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12 Best Apps 2018 For Google Streaming Dongle

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Today, we are going to discuss the top 12 apps that are must for your Chromecast dongle in 2018.

  1. Google home:

Earlier known by Chromecast app, Google home is an app used for setting up devices at home. You need to configure the Chromecast with smart home devices. After this, you can customize the TV screen by playing or pausing the content. It’s the key app for Chromecast.

  1. Netflix:

If you are a Film or TV junkie, then Netflix is the best app to be installed in the Chromecast app. Stay connected and watch four-season binge session on Netflix.

  1. Spotify:

It’s been too long users were demanding this app, it has now finally arrived on the Chromecast platform. You can listen to classical, pop and Rock music through TV speakers or through externally connected speakers.

  1. BBC iPlayer:

Have you missed an episode of Doctor Who? If yes, then nothing to worry, you can watch it online through the BBC app. You must install in on Chromecast and watch seamless content.

  1. YouTube:

Earlier in 2015, when people ask about YouTube in Chromecast, then officials directly said no, it is not available. Now the situation is totally different. You can watch favorite videos, never-ending music and web documentaries on YouTube app.

  1. Now TV

Do you want to enjoy the benefits of Sky Go and Sky subscription without actually subscribing to Sky TV? If yes, then Now TV lets you select the packages that best suit your needs.

  1. All 4:

Formerly known as 4OD, this is an umbrella for channel 4 and many more. You can watch your favorite classic programs like father Ted, Peepshow through an All4 app installed in Chromecast app provided there must be BBC player, YouTube and Netflix installed in it.

  1. BBC Sport

No subscription is required for steaming the delights of able sports. BBC sports is available on Chromecast platform. The user-interfacing is very smart and simple that can be shared on other BBC apps. It’s easy to find the content available for casting on TV.

  1. Tv

This is another movie streaming service available on Chromecast platform. You can watch HBO content like Games of Thrones, True Detective and the wire. You can play individual shows and movies with an updated version.

  1. Local cast

If your favorite video, music or image is stored in the local computer, smartphone or tablet, then you can cast on the TV screen with the help of Local cast app. You can share this via windows network share. If the content is available on iCloud, Google plus or drive, then you can share easily on the TV screen with the help of local cast app.

  1. Big Web quiz

Though the games are limited on Chromecast but with big web quiz, you can entertain yourself and get some knowledge about the world’s history and current affairs. It’s a challenging game with 10 questions given in each quiz. Some questions are easy to answer while some are difficult.

  1. TED:

This app has been developed to make you smart and expand your knowledge. This app is now available on Chromecast platform. You can broaden the horizons of watching endless repeats on comedy central and that too on big TV screen.

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