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12 Top Games To Play On Chromecast

Check out the top games that you can play on Google Chromecast. If you haven’t had a chance of playing games on Chromecast, then you must try as it is great fun. Know more about the games that you can play on Chromecast without spending any money.

12 top games to play on Google Chromecast:

Angry Birds Friends

The birds of Rovio have been exceptional ambassadors of the touch screens, and although their formula remains intact in Angry Birds Friends, where our smartphone will continue to make slingshot justice and the Bad Piggies target.

Angry Birds Go

There are games that do not go out of style, and although Space Invaders is not available for Chromecast (at least, for now) you have this little disguised substitute that meets what is expected from the classic Martian-killer, with the extra that also allows playing doubles.

Selfie Games: Group TV Party Game

Up to ten players although one of them must acquire the game. The idea is simple, but no less so: all participants put a picture of themselves on the screen and from there one of them draws a suggested scene with the players themselves as protagonists. Finding out what’s going on is just part of the fun, of course.

Just Dance Now

The successful Just Dance by Ubisoft made to measure for chromecast support, with updated themes and choreography. As in the desktop versions, you will use the mobile to record our movements with a particularity: the game offers chips (which regenerate themselves) to dance, although it is possible to acquire VIP passes daily, monthly or annually.

Deer Hunter 2018

Glu’s hunting bet renews one more year, and if the setting and observation are an essential part of the Deer Hunter experience, then taking the game to the screen of a TV and keeping the touch controls is a double hit. The game is free with subscription options and in-game purchases.

RISK: Global Domination

The excitement and intensity of the board game that more friendships have taken to the limit without the hassle of having to collect the figurines or the board. This version includes additional purchases and extra modes, to which you must add the extra to be able to play against AI with four difficulty modes so you can try the most effective strategies.

GR8CTZ for Chromecast

A game exclusively designed for Chromecast that invites you to do tourism in a very suggestive way: one of the players establishes a city and the rest of the players, through the Street View tools, try to find out which one is in the shortest time possible.

There is a free version with a limited number of cities that do not allow participants to look around or walk.

Tricky Titans

A version of stone, paper or scissors especially fun when playing more than two players: up to four titans will try to topple each other, being able to attack, defend or increase their power. From there the key is to try to make alliances beyond the screen to establish a common goal or to play cluelessness.

Tower Construction 3D

The idea is very simple: create a huge skyscraper by planting a plant, trying to balance the whole while gaining height. And while Tower Construction 3D benefits from Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality to give an extra depth to the idea, it also takes advantage of the comfort of having a large sofa and a generous screen thanks to Chromecast.


Do you remember the classic Atari Combat? The iconic console gave you a battlefield and a tank with a not so simple objective: to knock down the second tank on the screen by maneuvering and calculating the speed of our shots. Tankcast takes that idea back on www chromecast com and makes it his own, changing the iconic joystick for your own mobile or tablet.


A board game for up to four players highly recommended: an alien entity has begun to infest the world populations with Satis gas. Your purpose, if the data allows you, is to generate enough resources to create the final weapon before it is too late. Satis-Factory is free with advertising, being able to withdraw it with a single payment.

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