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A Brief Review Of New Casting Features That Come With Chromecast

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Chrome cast functionality has rolled out some new features such as its standard steps to install the chrome cast device from chrome. If you have already installed the extension, then it will be auto-removed. Refer to following passage for more details.

Chromecast’s team has rolled out some new feature with the customer satisfaction. In previous versions, you had to set the Chromecast option for mirroring. Now new feature is system adjust the quality and all that things automatically.

No need to install an extension to use your Chromecast device from chrome browser.

In previous version you had to install the extensions to use your Chromecast device from chrome, now the new feature is add-on in this that in chrome browser the Chromecast functionality has built in as a part of it. You have o need to install from chrome to use your Chromecast device. If you have already installed the cast option from chrome, then there is no reason to push out it. It will automatically remove from chrome.

In the tool menu, the Chromecast functionality is available.

Click on the tools menu at the upper right corner of your chrome browser. Then click on the cast. The functionality of Chromecast is available when you will click on right button on a web page in the browser.

Procedure to add the cast button in tools menu option in browser permanently

Enabling this option will allow you to access to all the available cast functionality easily. You have to follow some simple steps to keep the cast button in your browser for cast feature.

Go to the upper right corner of your browser and click on the settings menu you will see there is the option of the cast. It is the temporary appear in the tools menu. To make it permanent button right click on the cast button and then click on the always show icon. Then it will always appear in your tools menu. Through this you can easily access to cast functionality, this will also save your time.

For mirroring, now there is no need to turn any of the Chromecast options.

In the previous versions, at the time of mirroring of your contents of your tab, you had to set options for quality, resolution, etc. Now the new feature adds the automatic adjustment of these options. No need to set them explicitly.

You can fill the feedback through cast button

If you are facing some problem in any of the function for keeping cast button permanently, then all this type of problems might arrise. So at that time you can write to the Chromecast team to ask the solution of your problem and can give the feedback to Chromecast.  Chromecast also offers a feature of multitasking that you can chat with your friends, relative while watching the TV shows, movies without disturbing the casting of TV shows or movies, etc. After the start of casting on your TV, your device will be available to open the emails, Facebook, YouTube.

The Cast button which is available on the tools menu of your browser can be used for Chromecast functionalities by enabling it permanently. All these new cast features were introduced to make it easy to use. Still, if you face any issue, then reach out for Chromecast support.

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