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A Detailed Comparison Between Chromecast Ultra 4K And Chromecast 2

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Google Chromecast is a digital media player. It is a dongle shaped device that plugs into the HDMI port of TV and makes the dumb TV smart. With this device, you can play videos, stream images and play music.

Most people believe that they can control the Chromecast only with an android phone but they don’t know that they can use Google Chrome as well. The supported apps include BBC iplayer, All4, BT sport, Netflix and Red Bull.

Now let’s discuss the difference between Chromecast Ultra and Chromecast 2

In terms of design:

The design of Chromecast 2 is totally different from that of Chromecast original. Whereas the Chromecast ultra is not much different in design. The new model is coming black in color with integrated HDMI cable which when not in use will get connected to the Chromecast itself magnetically. The most important thing that you will notice in the new model is a change in the shape and design of the logo. You will find ‘G’ on the front of the device.

It is important to mention here that Chromecast ultra is coming with version 1.21 which is latest as per beta preview model. The logo is replaced by ‘G’ and the older logo is totally wiped from software completely.

In terms of Features, specifications, and performance

Chromecast 2 specifications:

RAM: 512 MB.

Power: Micro USB

Dimensions: 51.9 x 51.9 x 13.49.

Chip: Armada 1500 Mini Plus

Weight: Just 40 grams

In Chromecast 2, you can watch Full HD 1080p resolution that displays 1080 pixels. Regardless of which TV you are using whether 4K supported or not, you can watch the 1080p footage. If you are using 720p supported TV, then content will auto downscaled to 1280×720 pixels.

However, no such information related to hardware of Chromecast Ultra is available with us. Just as a guess, we can say that the Chromecast ultra is powered by Armada chips with ARM designs. The processor speed of the Ultra model is more than that of Chromecast 2. Both the devices support 4k content. The chips employed in both the devices are 1500 Pro4K and Armada 1500 Ultra.

The price difference between Chromecast ultra and Chromecast 2

If you are from the UK, then you can get Chromecast 2 for as low as £30, while you can get the Chromecast ultra for £69. The amount is more than that of Chromecast 2. This is due to the Dolby vision support, HDR and 4K compatibility.

Chromecast ultra vs Chromecast 2: Which one is best to buy?

You can easily find out the best one for you. If you have 4k TV at home, then it is best to go with Chromecast ultra. If you are having Full HD TV, then you can go with Chromecast 2. It is economical and supports Full HD content.

Now, the the main thing that may come to your mind is whether you really need Chromecast if there are a number of substitutes available in the market at lower cost. The alternatives include the Roku stick, Roku TV, Amazon Fire TV and stick. All these models are cheaper than a Chromecast media player. In Roku, you will find a good number of content. If you purchase Amazon Firestick, then you can watch Amazon Video seamlessly on it.

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