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AirServer version of Xbox supports Chromecast, Miracast, and Airplay

air server xbox edition

The AirServer addition of Xbox will allow you to add much more features to you Xbox one console even at a very reasonable price. To know more go through the following passage.

Although AirServer was available on the Xbox One from a quite long time the new update to it has bought an excellent opportunity to all of its users. All the users can now do much more things on their Xbox by upgrading their devices to all the supported features at a very reasonable price. The updated Xbox one works with all the Miracast devices. Whereas, earlier Miracast support was only limited to Windows streaming devices.

Initially, the app comes for $19.99, while the hardware price for it is less than the cost of the application. Both the app and devices come with the same functionality.

The main features of AirServer Xbox One edition are as follows:

  • support AirPlay with audio and screen mirroring AirPlay.
  • Chromecast support along with all of its supported features.
  • Miracast support.
  • Supported background sounds.


Using this app is very simple and easy. When you click to open the application, it will launch a generic screen in front of you. So you can select any of the supported casting formats for connecting to it. The procedure for connecting might vary for different devices, but usually, you can connect your devices from the quick action buttons on your device.

Detailed view of features:

Airplay was one of the first streaming types for the users of Airserver Xbox Edition and Apple. The video part of the app allows the Airplay screen mirroring and Airplay audio. Airplay provides strain free running of apps to deliver the best performance. The background sound feature of the app allows its users to play music while they are playing the game on their Xbox One console.

Chromecast support with Airserver is the best additional feature that can be added to this updated version of Xbox. It transforms your Xbox into a Chromecast device, and it’s quite easy to cast the content by connecting to this app. It feels like as if on has renamed his or her Chromecast devices as “Xbox One.” It allows the streaming of all kinds of content through it smoothly.

The updated Airserver enables users to stream Miracast content from a variety of devices to their Xbox One console. But for this kind of streaming user needs to have their Xbox one connected hard wired with internet network. It is quite useful for streaming content without Xbox app and the content that can not work with Microsoft Edge. At the time of initial setup, it is observed that it is somewhat slow in getting connecting and casting the content. Also, there is some hardware issue that during Mircasting the mouse cursor becomes invisible due to various control options can not be applied.

The initial price of this app that is $19.99 is almost genuine as compared at the cost of Chromecast device. Also, remember that this Airserver is specially designed for Xbox and is thus different from its desktop version. Due to this difference, they are not licensed as one single device. So if ever you plan to buy this AirServer Xbox One edition, then ensure you are not purchasing the standard Airserver for desktop by mistake.