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Apple Is Working On Chromecast Support For Apple Music

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Apple Music could soon work on Google Home speakers. The Android app code found directions for Chromecast support. With this, Apple is constantly expanding the possibilities of providing the best to its customers. Apple has always pushed the envelope when it comes to delivering the most innovative technology in the palms of customers, and the move to provide Chromecast Support for Apple Music can be considered one such step.

Apple Music with Chromecast support: Can it really happen?

Apple has so far insisted on offering services on its own products only. However, there has been a significant change in the stand of the company, as it decides to offer support for devices that don’t belong to Apple. You must have seen Apple Music being played on HomePod, but that is not the only platform Apple Music is available on. Apple Music can also be played on Alexa speakers, AirPlay 2 came to all kinds of third-party speakers, and TV sets. HomeKit will also be available on smart TVs. The next step might be Apple Music support for Chromecast. At least that is clear from the code. You could then send your music to a Chromecast dongle, speaker, smart display, TV or other Google-driven devices.

Multiple lines in the Apple Music for Android code indicate support. Those rules have recently been added. Whether it will ultimately go ahead is therefore not a guarantee. However, Apple has recently made it clear that services must be widely available and that also means that more options for platforms are being added, which were previously ignored by Apple.

Apple Music is one of the few services that Apple can use on Android. The Android app is also suitable for tablets and has recently been adapted for Chromebooks with version 2.8. The Browse tab was also supplemented with a number of editorial highlights. Shortly afterward bugfix updates 2.8.1 and 2.8.2 appeared to iron out errors in the app. Chromecast support was found in the latter update, with so-called application IDs that developers receive after registering a Cast application with Google.

In previous updates, there were already some references to Chromecast, and moreover, support for the Google Assistant was discovered for Apple Music last month, with which you can link Apple Music with your Google account and your Home speaker. However, those referrals were quickly removed after the discovery, after which Google announced that they “have nothing to announce” in this area.

With Apple Music being played on Google Chromecast, it will be a great feature for users who are using Google Chromecast as a streaming device and listen to their favorite music on Apple Music. However, there are certain steps that need to be performed in order to get both platforms on the same page, so that you can enjoy the best music on the economical streaming device like Google Chromecast.

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