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Basics Of Chromecast Troubleshooting

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We are going to discuss basic troubleshooting steps for most common issues deals with Chromecast media player. Let’s start with the issues along with their potential solutions.

Why shouldn’t I watch any video including welcome video?

You must check that Chromecast app is installed on smartphone or tablet. If you are opening Chromecast from your computer, then you must ensure that Chromecast extension is enabled on its browser. Now open any channel to start casting videos. For your information, we want to mention here that Chromecast doesn’t support the old version of windows installed in your computer. If you are casting the videos through cloud library, then you must sign in to the app account from your device.

If after implementing all the steps mentioned above, you are still facing any problem, then follow the steps to power cycle your Chromecast.

  1. Remove your Chromecast stick or dongle from the HDMI slot.
  2. Unplug the USB cable or power cable from the device and reconnect the Chromecast again to the supply after a gap of 20 seconds.

Where will I find the Chromecast option in the PC desktop player?

As we have mentioned in the previous passage that Chromecast doesn’t support old windows app, so it is not available in the desktop Real player app. You can cast from the PC using direct URL added in the address space.

I am getting audio but no video while casting the content

This issue arises if the audio or video format is not supported by the Chromecast device. The solution to this problem is either play the video using the supported app or play the content over the cloud.

My video keeps on loading when I click on ‘cast a video’ option.

For this issue, you can contact an internet service provider or call Chromecast support helpline. If your Chromecast is not receiving enough signal strength from the network, then you may run into this issue. You can try resolving it by power-cycling the Chromecast and network devices.

No videos from cloud drive cast straight away through PC, Tablet and phone

For this issue, you can check the list of supported formats from the Google support website. Sometimes, this issue occurs due to the unsupported format of video which you are going to cast.

Can I rotate the videos or change the orientation of videos?

Google has recently released a new version of the software for iOS and Android, in which they have fixed all the issues related to video orientation. The video can be played in portrait or landscape mode.

If you find that the issue which has been faced by you is not discussed here, then you can try the below mentioned tips to troubleshoot other possible problems.

  1. Install the latest version of OS on your mobile device.
  2. You must check the latest version of Google Chrome and download the same.
  3. Your Chromecast and mobile device must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. If it is different, then you must connect to the same.
  4. The router, modem, and gateway should be enabled for multicast.

Any problem with the bandwidth or connectivity of Home Wi-Fi network may affect the Chromecast operation. The number of devices connected to the network and the time the router last restarted also affects the performance. For more information related to Chromecast and its troubleshooting, you can contact Chromecast helpline support.

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