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Best 5 apps of Google Chromecast in 2016


There is no better feeling you will witness when you get your favorite streaming content on the big screen. The amazing streaming device which is providing you the entertainment with the best quality and features has marked it place in the market with arch competitors like Roku, Apple, and Samsung etc. With the fine features and services, the streaming device has changed the way to provide better entertainment experience with the support of a mobile or personal computer. This promising way of rendering the services has made the device to add up new users in the market. All the new users out there, you can go to Chromecast setup to setup their account with the streaming device.

With the diverse versions of the devices which include, the first generation, the second generation, Chromecast audio and Chromecast Ultra, the device has dominated the streaming device category in the market. You can navigate to Chromecast support to counter any issue with the diverse category of the devices. While you have experienced the astonishing services of the device, it’s time to get aware about its qualitative apps, which has changed your way of accessing the online streaming content. Let’s hit the best 5 apps of Google chromecast in 2016.

  • Pocket Casts- The key app is the best podcast management app, which is available on Android and iOS. The app is also compatible with Google chromecast. Through the app, its quite easy to get your favorite podcast and tv shows, which can be played through Google cast speakers and home entertainment centre. The app can also download the latest videos and tv shows, which you have subscribed to get the service.
  • CastonTv Instagram- Well, there is no official Instagram app on Google’s Chromecast. Still, the CashonTv Instagram let you show your photos on the big screen. The app also supports the background music, when you are in slideshow mode, which let you enjoy the music while watching your favorite pics.
  • Talk Talk Tv- The Talk Talk tv which was formerly known as BlinkBox Tv, is now available with Google Chromecast. Like Netflix, the Talk Talk tv also provides the entertaining content to all its users in the market. But Talk Talk tv is quite flexible than Netflix. It actually provides movies and tv shows on rent, with most of the films available on rent less than $6.36. In this way, the app seems quite interesting to access the series of any tv shows.
  • Kodi- Chromecast is actually one of the best sources for streaming content from a tablet, phone or PC. But, when it comes to streaming the content, which is stored locally on your chromecast, you need kodi with a large amount of plugins and extensions to help you with your chromecast. If you fall in any problematic issue, then you can navigate to www ChromeCast com to counter the problem.
  • Megacast – The app is a brilliant Chromecast player which has got real-time transcoding The app allows you to play those files from your tablet or phone which is not supported by your Chromecast device. The files include MKV, AVI, 3GP files and more. If you get into any kind of issue with the running of the app, then you can go to Chromecast Help for better assistance.