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Chromecast 2 Vs Smart TV: See The Pros And Cons Of Google’s Streaming Device

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Chromecast 2 is a device capable of transmitting content from notebooks and cell phones directly to the TV, giving “smart functions” to the TV. Coming at a price of $75, many people may be in doubt whether it is worth investing in a smart TV or the 2nd generation of Google’s streaming device.

To help you decide, we have gathered three positives and negatives for those who will choose the second option. They are topics of interest related to connection, usability and, of course, price. Are you in doubt about which option is best for you? So check it out.


  1. Affordable price

The price charged for a smart TV is usually high. It is unlikely to find a modern model for less than $350. Therefore, it may be more economical to invest in Chromecast 2, which costs about $75 and can leave your TV with smart features, allowing you to access apps like YouTube, games and other functions. On auction sites, this price may decrease by more than $25.

It is worth remembering, however, that in order to install Chromecast, your TV must have HDMI input. If it is LED, LCD or plasma, you probably already have connectivity. However, if you have a tube TV with audio and video inputs in the RCA standard (in white, red and yellow colors) you will need to shell out another $5 to buy an adapter.

  1. Performance may be faster

This is an important point about Chromecast 2. Applications used on the streaming device are not installed directly on the device. In fact, Chromecast uses mobile apps to work, that is, your smartphone is a kind of remote control for it.

That way, unlike a smart TV, which has its own operating system and may be slow when opening and running programs, the Google streaming device transmits the content sent to it, and therefore, the speed depends much more on the phone and connection than the settings of the device itself. So overall, it tends to run more fluidly than smart TVs.

It is also worth remembering that if television does not have a special control for typing; it will be much easier to type and search the content of videos and apps on the cell phone, which also makes everything more agile.

  1. More resources

In addition to making it possible to use apps and stream videos directly from the web, Chromecast adds other benefits to the TV. One of them is the possibility of transmitting the screen of the cell phone or the notebook, which allows access to videos even of services that do not have native support to the streaming device.

With Chromecast, it’s also easier to watch your personal media on TV. Applications such as Local Cast and Google Photos can send your pictures and videos to the big screen without the need to use cables and flash drives for this.


  1. It depends on the smartphone to work

While not using your own operating system can be a plus for Chromecast, this also has its drawbacks. As the handset depends on a smartphone to work, the user can watch his TV “stop being smart” if it needs to be without a cell phone for some reason.

Because smart TVs work independently, this is not the case. Even if the phone is turned off, or broken, you can still access videos and media on the web and the applications installed on your TV.

  1. Without 4K

Although your television has a 4K resolution screen, you will not be able to achieve this quality with Chromecast 2. The 2nd generation of the streaming device only supports videos with maximum resolution in Full HD (1080p), meaning you will not be able to explore the quality total of some YouTube videos and the most expensive Netflix package.

On the other hand, smart TVs from different manufacturers can achieve this quality without problems. It is worth mentioning, however, that the Chromecast Ultra, also made by Google, has 4K resolution support. Users who want can import the latest streaming device or buy it on auction sites for around $100.

  1. It may not work with the weak internet

One disadvantage of Chromecast is that for it to work well, having the streaming device, as the smartphone needs to be capturing the internet signal efficiently. Otherwise, it may simply be impossible to broadcast the content, making the TV no longer be smart and revert to an ordinary TV. Smart TVs also need the internet, but because they work independently, they have fewer variants for the connection loss.

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