Chromecast Gains Improvements In Environment Mode For Less Data Usage

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Google has added some new updates in its popular streaming device named Google Chromecast. Every time, Google brings in a new update for Chromecast, the sales surges. This time around as well, the company is expecting an upward spike in the sales. It will be interesting to see as to what new Google has introduced in Chromecast.

If the information from a few credible sources is to believe, then Google has added some new features, screen saver improvements and promises to reduce data consumption. I don’t know about you, but after seeing ‘reduce data consumption’ I am definitely digging into this new update. Just imagine, a streaming device who is supposed to suck the data you have is talking about less data consumption. How ironical and exciting is that, right! But, this is happening as Google too has confirmed the news and we will be seeing some great changes on the platform.

Chromecast just won an update that promises new customization options through the Google Home app. The novelty came this week to Google’s dongle and brought as the main attraction a change in the menu “background”, now renamed “environment mode” and has interesting features to decrease the consumption of data.

The new function organizes the settings in a different way and allows the user to easily customize the images that are displayed while the Chromecast is not in use. Google also said that, at least for now, the news feed will be out of the resource.

The idea is to no longer need to manually download photos in high resolution for display on the dongle screen saver. The environment mode will only download the image once, displaying whenever the device is not being used to minimize the data consumption.

The novelty also offers three modes of presentation. The first one called a “Photo frame”, allows you to choose which photo albums from your Google Photos should be displayed on the screen saver. Already the “Art Gallery” shows works of art, images of the earth, of space, among others – similar to what already happened in “background” mode. Finally, the “Experimental” is an integration with the albums of Facebook and Flickr.

It’s worth noting that the weather on Chromecast also gained interface enhancements. In addition, you can select the slide transition speed (between 15 seconds and 10 minutes) and choose to show or display the owner’s name and photo album on the screen.

The ambient mode is now available through an update to the Google Home app in the Play Store, but will only be released gradually. This applies to both the first-generation Chromecast and the second device version.

If you are interested in getting this update, then you will have to go to www Google com Chromecast setup in order to get the details of the same. If you want to cut to the chase, then you should get in touch with Chromecast helpline as they know how to install updates on Chromecast. Just get in touch with the experts and update your device.

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