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Chromecast Support for SoundCloud iOS

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Just because the Chromecast is device made by Google, it doesn’t mean that it has been locked for Android devices only. Google knows this thing and the company has so far done a good job by allowing their services and apps to be used at non-Android platform such as its Chromecast Streaming device.

So, it was pretty surprising that the iOS devices having SoundCloud didn’t worked with Chromecast. The Android version of the app has been supporting this feature since 2015. Now the good news for the SoundCloud users is that if have been dying for Chromecast support for your iOS device, then you will be pleased to learn that SoundCloud has announced that it will now finally support Chromecast streaming on iOS. The SoundCloud was already compatible with the audio devices like Sonos, and for Android devices Chromecast integration was already there, so we guess that the users of iOS devices will now finally be able to enjoy this feature as well. This update and support has come after almost two years the feature arrived for Android platform.

After updating the SoundCloud app, the users of the music streaming service will also to cast the songs from SoundCloud Go +, which is the paid subscription plan of the company, to their TVs and speakers. Now the users will not be limited to listening the audio tracks and recordings just on their computer or smartphone, but also, they can be heard on the big screen having better speakers. After you will start playing a song over Chromecast, the app will make the suggestions for the additional tracks and albums to keep the lean back listening session going.

The SoundCloud said in a blog that With SoundCloud and Google Chromecast you can stream anything that you want, the way you want through your speakers and TV.

The Berlin, Germany based team behind the online audio distribution platform said that they are excited to announce that SoundCloud will now be available on Google Chromecast through your iOS device. While the app is already integrated with Android platform, now the app has been made even better to include iOS devices.

The team also said that now the users with a SoundCloud Go + subscription will be able to stream their complete catalog through Google Chromecast Setup. The company has enabled the shared playback, so what is playing can be controlled by multiple users. The team also said that both iOS and Android versions of their app has been updated to prove a consistent and streamlined experience to the users.

SoundCloud revealed recently that it raised over $298 million from the range of investors. This figure includes $70 million from Twitter and investors in London, such as Index Ventures.

SoundCloud is a big one for Chromecast to finally check off when it comes to the support for cross platform. The SoundCloud is a free download for iPhone and iPad available from the App Store.