Chromecast users should try these tips and tricks

chromecast tips and tricks

As we know that Chromecast is the amazing streaming device which lets you cast your favorite content via different and well-liked streaming services. This device holds many aspects and amazing functionality as well, if you’re using this device then you know better. We have some tips and tricks that Chromecast users can try, and if you haven’t purchased this device then buy it now. Take a glimpse at theses amazing tips and tricks.

Choose your images as wallpaper

If you’re a Chromecast user then you can turn your television screen into a giant picture frame. You can choose your own images or simply select the already stored images and set the wallpaper. If you want your own chosen or selected images as the wallpaper, then you need to go to Devices tab, follow it wisely and you need to do a selection of Backdrop Settings. You have also an authority to disable the option of Featured photos, Earth, and space and Art.

Get news headlines

Well, if you want to catch the news headline then you can mess with the settings by navigating to Backdrops settings. You’ll be able to see two options, first is Curated News, means you will get the news which Google will pick by itself and second one is Play Newsstand, in which you will get your own news. The procedure is facile, you just need to follow the option wisely.

Chromecast well-matched apps

As we all are aware of standard apps those supports Chromecast such as Pandora, Netflix, and YouTube etc. You can also find that how many contents you can stream then simply navigate to Google Home app and you need to do a selection of Discover tab, now go to Chromecast and TVs section. Here you will find the apps those support Chromecast.

Mirror Android devices

As we know that Chromecast lets us stream our favorite content via popular streaming services such as Netflix, and YouTube etc. If you’re using Android device then you can use the option of mirroring. Check out the notification shade and then hit Cast. To mirror, you need to choose the Chromecast accordingly and you will that your screen will be on your television. Unfortunately, this feature is not that suitable for local videos, quality is not that good or standard. You can easily mirror your favorite images.

Mirror your desktop

If you’re one of them those who want the same feature for your desktop, then all you need is Chrome. As we know that there’s no need of Chromecast extension now. To do this you just need to go to Chrome and hit the action accordingly. After making a click on Cast, you need choose Cast desktop. To mirror, and you need to select Chromecast comsetup accordingly and hit Cast, and you will enjoy the mirroring. Remember, you won’t be able to listen the audio through your television, your ears will catch audio from the PC’s speakers.