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Chromecast Users Will Now Play Local Files Through Google Chrome And Skip Credits Of Netflix Content

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Google Chromecast users can expect a couple of new features in a few days’ time, as they will be able to play local files on Chromecast through Google Chrome. Along with that, users will now be able to enjoy their favorite digital content without those annoying credits that take a lifetime to end. Both features are going to be extensively used by Google Chromecast Setup users, so stay tuned for more information on these two amazing features.

Google has just rolled out a feature in Chromium beta that allows you to cast (cast on) Chromecast locally stored audio or video. A convenient option for those who are fed up with third-party software.

Sending content from Chrome to your Chromecast is easy enough. At least when this content is already online, such as YouTube or Netflix videos. But when it comes to broadcast a video (vacation, ponies, your youngest, short as legal videos) on his television, it’s immediately much more complicated. So far, there were only two solutions: caster his desktop or go through third-party applications like VLC (recently) or Plex.

An option to finally cast local files from Chrome

Google, through the voice of François Beaufort (a brand engineer), has just announced that the beta (only) of Chrome finally casts local files. The option is in Chrome’s “Caster …” menu and adds the “Cast file” source for choosing the local file to send to the Chromecast.

For now, this feature is reserved for a handful of users. But if you are curious and you have installed Chrome Beta, it is possible to activate it manually by activating the flag “-enable-features = EnableCastLocalMedia” in the field “Target” of the Property menu which appears by right-clicking on the Chrome icon. If you come across any problem accessing this feature, then you will have to get in touch with Google Chromecast helpline, as they can resolve this problem better than anybody else.

The second feature that makes way to Google Chromecast is related to Netflix. Let us now discuss what this feature is.

Chromecast users who watch Netflix content will no longer have to watch annoying and time-consuming credits

Long absent from Chromecast, the option “Ignore the introduction” on Netflix is ​​now available thanks to a recent update of the mobile application.

When we see the quality of certain generics (pell-mell: The Expanse, The Crown, BoJack Horseman, Mad Men, Darth, Mindhunter, Narcos and even the sober The Punisher and Jessica Jones), we come to wonder what monster may want to pass them. But when one binge-watch a series, cladding 6 or 10 times in a row the song Goodbye of Apparat, in the case of Dark, can have something deeply annoying.

Hence the existence on Netflix of the sacrosanct “Ignore the introduction”. Present on mobile as well as desktop, Windows 10, Xbox and PlayStation applications, this feature has always been out of reach of Chromecast.

A dark era that comes to an end with the 6.3.0 update of the mobile application. From now on, when you watch Netflix via a Chromecast, a pop-up to skip the credits will appear on the mobile app.

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