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Chromecast Without Sound? Learn How To Troubleshoot Audio Issues

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While it is always a great experience to access Google Chromecast, but sometimes, things get a little out of hand when the device starts giving problems. The fun of video streaming depends upon how well the audio is synced with the videos. If you are experiencing sound related issues, then you can go through the post below in order to find the right solution to the issue.

Both Chromecast 1 and Chromecast 2 may experience audio issues during use. Some users claim that while switching apps, Google’s dongle goes blank, or crashes any program they’re using. Video streaming, for example, happens without any problem, but the audio does not go along and the image is muted.

It is not that common to experience audio issues in a reliable device as Google Chromecast. Yet, if you are facing audio issues or out-of-sync audio with respect to the video, then you are experiencing some sort of error in your device.

Although the bug has many complaints, there are three simple ways to solve the problem. Check out the methods below and see how to get back audio while using Chromecast.

Method 1: Turn the television on and off

Yes, perhaps the simplest and most unlikely solution was the one with the highest success rate. A portion of the users who reported having the issue resolved stated that they have rebooted the TV. Just turn the TV on and off and check if your Chromecast audio has run again. If it doesn’t work, then you need to take help of Chromecast help and support.

Method 2: Restore the TV factory defaults

Other users, having been unsuccessful with the first method, had the idea of ​​restoring the factory defaults of their televisions. This means that any settings you have made will be lost and will return to their original defaults.

Each TV model has a different path and interfaces for doing the restore. Therefore, it is worth consulting the user manual to see how to perform this procedure on your device.

Method 3: Adjusting the HDMI Setting

Since Chromecast is a device that attaches to the HDMI port of the TVs, the problem may be with the settings for these inputs. To resolve this, go to your HDMI settings and see if the configured standard is in the “Analog” mode. If it is, switch to “Digital” mode and check if the dongle sound is working again.

If none of the methods explained above solves the audio problem on your Chromecast, one last tip is to contact the store where you purchased the device, report the problem, and request a replacement for a new product.

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