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Connect your chromecast with the connectify hotspot


Many companies in the market develop media streaming players. Google Chromecast and Roku are among those, who develop these streaming media players. Today, we are going to discuss the Google Chromecast setup with you that how you can connect this player to the Connectify Hotspot to stream live contents through the device. Apart from this, we want to mention here that another amazing functionality that can’t be ignored here is that you can cast the local contents from your mobile or laptop to the TV with the help of Chromecast com setup on your connected device.

If you have recently purchased the Chromecast device, then setting up this device for the first time is quite easy. You don’t need to take any type of Chromecast help from the link. Simply connect the device to the TV with the help of HDMI cable and start using it. Now you need to connect it to the internet to fetch the contents from the source. For this, you require a Wi-Fi connection with which you can connect your device.

Connect your Chromecast to the home Wi-Fi network. In case you are going somewhere else, then you don’t need to do Chromecast setup again. You simply require a password for the Wi-Fi connection available at the new place.

Now we want to explain about Connectify Hotspot. This is a medium that acts as an interface between the network and your device. If you are connected to the connectify Hotspot, then you don’t require to search for the different network at a different location. You just need to connect it to the HDMI TV rest everything will be played by the device itself.

Apart from this, there are some restraints that you must know before setting up Hotspot on your device. These are:

  1. The Google cast function may get confused if the same Hotspot is being used on the computer. So to prevent this confusion, you must use mobile or tablet to setup Chromecast.
  2. Chromecast inbuilt Wi-Fi standard only supports 2.5 GHz band. If the connection is using the 5GHz band, then this will again bar the device from connecting to the network.

Now the steps to configure www Chromecast com setup with Connectify Hotspot are:

  1. Plug the Google device to the TV through HDMI port.
  2. Go to connectify settings tab and configure the Hotspot. Use the same Wi-Fi network as used by the other devices at the same If you are using the Ethernet type network, then bridge network is used.
  3. Connect your phone to the same hotspot.
  4. Run cast program from mobile.
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions to connect the device to the Wi-Fi network. You will be prompted to enter the password for your network.
  6. Connect your device to the network by entering the correct password and click on ‘Ok’ to start streaming the contents.

Important: All the steps discussed above are to be implemented only once. After this, you don’t need to do it again and again. If you are moving to some other location, then you simply need the Wi-Fi connection to connect to the internet, rest everything will be automatically detected by your device. Yes, If you are getting any problem in connecting the device to the TV, then soft resetting may help to solve this problem.