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Do You Know The Top 5 Apps Designed For Your Chromecast Media Player?

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The mess of subscribing to cable plan is now over. You will not get frustrated with the routine monthly subscription anymore. This place has now been captured by media streaming players like Chromecast Help, Roku or Amazon TV. With these media players, you can watch your favorite show by just connecting this device to the TV and to the network.

Additionally, the inconvenience caused by changing the channels through remote is now finished. You can download the respective apps of media players in your smartphone from where you can control the playback menus. The process to connect the smartphone to the device is very simple. Just connect both the devices to the same wireless network.

Now, we are going to shed light on 5 top rated apps designed particularly for media players:

  1. Google cast: With Google cast app installed in your phone, you can connect the media player to the TV. Download the latest version of this app from the playstore or from iPhone When you install this app, you will find cast icon on the top of every video. When you press this icon, the video will start streaming on the TV screen automatically.
  2. Video streaming: This app is meant for streaming the local content available in your computer or phone. You can watch these local content on the TV screen with this app. If you want to download this app in your phone, then connect it to the internet. If you want to play content through the browser, then download the Video streaming plugin on your browser.
  3. YouTube: It is an amazing app made for complete enjoyment. You can search for any topic from any field on this app. You can watch content at different video quality on YouTube. All the shows already broadcasted on any channel are available on this platform. You can watch it after downloading the app in your smartphone. When you install this app in your phone and try playing content through it, a small ‘cast’ icon will appear on the top. Click on it and select the device where you want to stream it.
  4. Plex: This is another app designed for playing local videos, movies, and This app is identical to video streaming the only difference is the order the videos are organized in it. You will find this app on all the app stores. If you are using an android phone, you can download it from the playstore and for iPhone users, they can download from app store. The most significant feature of this app is that you can watch the video without downloading them in your local device.
  5. Netflix: Netflix is also considered as the best app for media streaming player like Chromecast. To use this app, you need to subscribe to this app by paying $5 a month. The most significant feature you love to enjoy on it is that the video keeps on buffering even after locking a phone. You can watch video seamlessly without any issue. The user-interface of Netflix is very user-friendly. You can easily sort or arrange the movies or shows according to your choice on the home screen of Netflix app.


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