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Easiest Way To Setup Chromecast On Google Fiber TV

google chromecast setup

Google Fiber service is a part of service provided by Google to the residents of U.S. Basically Google fiber is an internet service provider which provides internet facility to the users at different speeds. You can get up to 1Gbps speed on your device by subscribing to Google Fiber TV. By opting 1 Gbps plan, you can download a movie in a fraction of minutes and that too in Full-HD quality.

Steps to quickly setup Fiber TV: For installation of Fiber TV on your TV, you need to have a coaxial cable which will connect the TV to the fiber TV. If you don’t have coaxial cable with you, you can use Ethernet cable alternatively. After successful installation of the box, a blue light will glow on the device. An IR range extender is coming with the Fiber box. So, if you have located the box at the back of your TV, you can make use of this extender to control fiber box. For any help related to its installation, a guided manual is provided inside the box. You can read this manual before setting it up.

From which areas Fiber TV network is accessible?

If you are living in Kansas City or its suburban areas, then Google fiber is successfully working there. If you are in Provo, Austin or Texas, then you need to wait for some months as the company is installing its setup in these cities. The exact release date of the network has not been released so far by company officials.

Nowadays, Google fiber is coming with Built-in Chromecast. With this, you can stream all the content which are available for streaming on Chromecast. The hassle of purchasing the Chromecast separately is now over. All the Chromecast features are available in Google Fiber itself. You can use smartphone, laptop, and tablet for casting the content on the screen. The above-mentioned devices will act as a source for casting.

Fiber Box now changed to Chromecast with the latest update

You will be surprised after knowing that Google has launched an update for Fiber TV in which they have added Chromecast functions into it. You just have to download this update to enjoy all Chromecast features. All the latest channels like Disney, XD, Hulu, ABC, and Junior are supported by this update. You can watch the favorite content of your choice from the list of channels.

You have the option to play content via Android or iOS-based device. The performance of your TV is same for both the platforms. Yes, you have to download the Chromecast App on your phone from the respective app store. When it gets downloaded, install it and sign-up for free from your app. Enter your personal information and password to continue to the next page. You will find ‘Successful’ message on the screen. After this, you are good to go.

Setup: The setup is not required for built-in Chromecast. Moreover, the HDMI port on your TV will remain free as no extra hardware is going to connect to the TV. If you are having trouble in using the Chromecast on Google fiber, then you can get assistance from the support team. They are available 24×7 for help and support.

If you find that the setup is yet not configured properly on its own, then you can talk to customer care representatives. They will take a link and assist you remotely by controlling your laptop from their place. You don’t need to worry about the data, files, and programs stored on your laptop.

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