Easy Steps To Fix ‘Android TV Not Connecting To Chromecast Inbuilt Device’ Problem

google chromecast setup

Are you facing problem in connecting the inbuilt Chromecast device to the Android TV? If yes, then there we are here to help you. We are going to suggest some steps to fix this problem. After implementing the below mentioned steps, you will be able to fix the problem on your own. If you find any need to take further support, then you can contact Chromecast helpline.

The steps you will find this passage are already tested by the technical team and they find the steps helpful for fixing the connection problem of inbuilt Chromecast.

 If you are not getting cast icon on the screen, then even you can follow the same steps and check if the problem is resolved or not.

  1. Check whether the Android TV and the device is connected to the same Wi-Fi network or not. If both are connected to the different network, then your Chromecast will not start streaming.
  2. Open the apps installed in your phone from the ‘My apps’ section inside ‘Playstore’ app.
  3. Update all apps whose updates are available. This will take some minutes.
  4. Check the device date and time.

To set device date and time:

  1. Press home button of your Android TV to open the menu.
  2. Go to ‘Settings’ and click on ‘Date and time’. You will get this option under ‘Preferences’ option
  3. If you have purchased the device after 2017, then turn Auto date and time mode on.
  4. You can also select ‘Use network provided Time and date’.
  5. In case your product is purchased before 2017, you need to Select ‘Auto time and date’ option and click on ‘Sync’ option.

If you are still getting the same problem, then check the network connection of your home network and follow the steps to fix any problem related to it.

  • From Home settings, press ‘Settings’ via remote.
  • Click on ‘Date and time’ option and go to ‘Auto-update’ menu.
  • Disable this option.
  • Set the date and time manually through remote.

Now check if the problem is resolved or not, if the problem still persists, then contact Chromecast support team.

If you are unable to get the cast icon on the screen, then the steps to troubleshoot this problem are:

  • Force close the google app from the mobile and restart the phone. To force close the app from the phone, simply swipe the app to left or right from the recent app menu. You can open recent apps from the recent button on phone. If the problem is with the app, then uninstall the app and install it again from the playstore.
  • Restart all your devices like modem, router and Android TV. Wait for some minutes before connecting them again to the supply.
  • Keep your mobile off till the modem and router gets activated.
  • Check if the problem is solved now or not. If not the go to next troubleshooting step.
  • Last but not the least, Reset your android TV. To reset your android TV, you can either check the steps online or read the guided manual of your android TV manufacturer.

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