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Easy Steps To Stream Freeview On TV With Google Chromecast

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All Chromecast owners, it’s a good news for you. You can now stream Freeview on your TV with the help of this Google’s developed media streaming device named Chromecast. You can access free to air channels like SBC, Ten, ABC, Nine and Seven from Australian TV without requiring any aerial. Now, we are going to start with the steps to get the app working on your TV.

Freeview is a digital TV app that broadcast free-to-air channels with the help of internet connection. If you have installed an app in internet enabled device, then you can stream the content without any problem. You can watch live programs from free-to-air channels and can even search for content from the inbuilt TV guide. This app is similar to the Netflix app.

The list of Available channels is mentioned here as follows: ABC, Ten, SBC, ABC, One, Channel 9, ABC Kids, News 24, Vice land, Food Network, 7Mate, Flix, 9Life, 9Gem, NITV, 7TWO, 9Life and many more. If you are using Android or iOS-based smartphone or tablet, then you can download the Freeview app for free from the app store.

It was launched in the year 2016. At that time, the main drawback that was noticed by most of the users is its lack of support for Chromecast. This app was not supported by Chromecast at that time. The users were forced to connect the device or third party workaround for playing content on their TV. Now, with the latest update, it has become possible to stream content through Chromecast on TV.

The advantages of this update are mentioned here as follows: You can watch free-to-air channels directly on your TV without requiring any Antenna. The problem of crappy reception is now solved. Just plug the device into HDMI port of TV and configure it online. After, this you can start playing the content from a smartphone or from any other smart device connected to the Chromecast through the network.

Now, we are going to discuss the list of things that are required for streaming Freeview FV on your TV through Chromecast:

  • A smartphone or other smart device with Freeview latest version of the app installed in it. Moreover, Google home app should also be installed.
  • A smart TV with Chromecast inbuilt or simple TV that has an HDMI port at the back of it. If your TV doesn’t have HDMI port and inbuilt Chromecast app, then you won’t be able to stream Freeview.
  • Stable and proper internet connection.

The process of setting up Freeview on Chromecast is similar to that of installing other apps on Chromecast. Simply open the channel from the device and click on the icon given on the screen. The video will then send to the TV and start playing on the TV screen. For more details related to setup, you can follow guidelines available on Chromecast support link.

Undoubtedly, when you play content through Freeview on your TV, your home Wi-Fi connection data will be used or you can say that you will have to pay for Wi-Fi connection or mobile data whichever is being used for streaming.

What about HD?

Most of the content available for streaming on Freeview is of 720p resolutions. Rest it all depends on available data bandwidth and speed.

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