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Enjoy A Lot More Than Streaming With These Google Chromecast Tips And Tricks

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Nowadays, people from all backgrounds are accessing streaming devices such as Google Chromecast Download. You can easily find smart TVs and media streaming players in every US household today, so let us find out how to use Chromecast in a more efficient manner.

Moreover, the Chromecast app is very beneficial and remarkable. If you don’t have a smart TV and want to watch contents from channels like Netflix, Hulu, Spotify, and YouTube, then Chromecast is the best way to make your old TV smart. Beside this, you can also listen to music and watch videos. All these features included in Chromecast are least accessed by users as they are not much aware of these, whether it is mirroring function or converting the album into a screensaver.

This process is attainable with the help of Chromecast. Here, we are discussing something about Chromecast, which will benefit you in one way or the other when it comes to streaming content.

Installing Chromecast:

If you have performed this task previously, then jump to next step, but in case, you bought a new device, then here’s a list of things required for installation. It includes smartphone or tablet, and a web browser, preferably Google Chrome. In case, you are fulfilling the requirements, you can move forward to Chromecast setup official page. Connect your device to the TV via HDMI port and power it on with a provided power adapter.

Connect your Chromecast to Google home:

Now, Chromecast has launched an amazing feature for its users in which they can control the home appliances with their voice. This is possible if you have Google home device at home. You can access all services like (YouTube, apps, drives, and pictures) of Google with your voice.

To use this feature, your Chromecast and ‘Google home’ must be connecting to the same wifi network. Open Google home app on your Smartphone and search for Chromecast from the list of available devices. Tap on ‘+’ icon to add the device. You can move further now.

Connecting Ethernet adapter

You can connect Ethernet adapter easily to a 4K enabled Chromecast. However, if you are a normal Chromecast user, then you can’t connect the adapter directly. A small loop inside the Chromecast will let you connect Ethernet cable indirectly. You can easily buy an adapter from an electronic store and connect Ethernet cable to Google Chromecast.

Using Chromecast for audio streaming

If you have Bluetooth enabled speakers at home, then you can connect them to the Chromecast directly. You can start listening to the music from your favorite channels like Spotify, Pandora through your Smartphone without disrupting the important notifications on the screen. This feature is applicable to Android and IOS based OS.

Mirroring function of android with Chromecast

Google has introduced a mirroring function for Android and IOS devices. If you want to mirror the Smartphone screen content to the TV screen, then it is possible with Chromecast, as it will act as an interfacing device. Make sure that your smartphone is running on Android 4.4.2 OS or higher. To perform all these operations successfully, you need a stable internet connection. Connect all your streaming devices to the same network and select the device from which you want to mirror the contents. You will find ‘cast’ icon on your Smartphone screen. Click to start watching on big screen.

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