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Enjoy Chromecast On Your Google Fiber TV With Upcoming Update

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Google Fiber is a popular internet and TV service that was launched by Google itself. This fiber cable by Google is the synonym for extremely fast internet service, in the range of 1 GBPS. Besides that, the service also offers TV stations on a monthly basis, but coming back to the internet service, one could easily download a 1080p movie in a matter of five minutes. Let us find out more about the service and how it will ameliorate the streaming on Google Chromecast.

Setting up fiber TV box: The Google Fiber TV box connects with coaxial cable. In some cases, Ethernet cable is also used to connect to TV. Remember not to connect your TV to coaxial port on the box. Once it is properly installed blue LED glows on the front of this box. There is an IR extender jack on the front of this box with which you can increase your remote sensing from every corner irrespective of the line of sight situation. You can enjoy Wi-Fi facility on your devices with help of this box

Where do we see fiber TV network?

Kansas City and its suburbs are areas in the US, where Google fiber is running successfully. It will officially list to come up in Austin, Texas, Provo and Utah in the near future. We are not confirmed for its expansion but we can expect more cities will also get it too very soon. Due to lack of infrastructure available with Google fiber they remain restricted to the US only.

Now, in the updated version of Google Fiber TV, the Chromecast is coming to each Google Fiber TV box. Before going further we will put a small light on Google Chromecast. It’s a media streaming device that simply plugs and play on your TV. You need a mobile device to connect to your big screen. Download Chromecast on your mobile device and enjoy the services.

An easy way to get videos, music, and games on your big screen: with Chromecast plug to your TV you can watch your favorite TV shows, films, games and music on big screen. The control of your contents will be in your hand. You can control your TV content from your mobile devices. In order to enjoy the services in a better way and free of cost, you must perform Chromecast app download for your mobile devices.

Google turned up your fiber TV box into Chromecast with an upcoming update:

It’s a good news for all who are using the Google TV that with the upcoming update the subscribers will now enjoy Chromecast on their fiber TV box. With the inbuilt facility of Chromecast in the boxes the user can now see the contents on their big screens with connecting it to the mobile devices. This transmission is possible only with google chromecast support. Google Chromecast download from official website will provide you with details and troubleshooting. Though it will not support apps like HBO Now, Hulu, Watch ESPN, Disney Channel, Disney Junior, Disney XD, and Watch ABC but you will find it in coming days.

Cast content from the different platform: user can cast contents on their TV screen from all Android and iOS mobile phones. You just need Chromecast download support to your mobile from app store. After downloading it the big screen will be controlled with your mobile phone. Whatever you wish to see from available contents you just need to play on your mobile and it will automatically cast on your home TV. You enjoy browsing, movies and plays on your TV with just pressing a button or touching the screen on your mobile. So Chromecast lets you enjoy super-fast streaming, mirroring website, android screen mirroring.

Setup: this in build Google Chromecast on your TV box requires no additional setup and port of your TV. It will save the port in which you need to plug Chromecast device. This is an in-built feature keeps the port of your TV free. You need technical advice or any assistance with your setup you can take help from Chromecast extension download. So, the updated version not only keeps you updated but also saves your pocket from buying unnecessary devices and dongles and saves the HDMI port on your TV too.

To enjoy more services in future you need to stay updated with the chromecast setup.

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