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Facing Problem In Streaming YouTube TV On Chromecast? Here are quick tips

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We are well aware of YouTube functioning and features. In case, you are late to the market, then there is nothing to worry. We would like to tell you that YouTube TV allows you to cast the content from the local source like a mobile on the TV screen with the help of internet connection. Internet connection is a must for streaming. However, occasionally one may come across certain issues which are not common or may come accidentally. Like if you are facing a problem with the music, video or movies on YouTube TV, then grab the steps mentioned below:

  1. Start your YouTube TV app again: If you have opened the YouTube TV app and facing problem in streaming the content through Chromecast, then the best way to solve the streaming problem is; restarting of YouTube app. This will solve the problem.
  2. Check if any updates available for the app: Sometimes, the video problem occurred due to an older version of the app installed in your device. If the version of the app is older, then you can check for update and download the latest from the online app store. You can open ‘Google Play’ to download the latest version of ‘YouTube’. If the option is unavailable, then there is no need to update again.
  3. Check network connection: For seamless casting of content from YouTube TV, you need a strong and reliable network. This is possible only if your network is giving proper speed. To get problem speed on your streaming media player, you need to minimize the distance between the router and the Chromecast. Try playing the content now and check if the problem is resolved or not. If not, then you need to change the quality of video playback. The steps to change the quality of video are:
  • Open YouTube and click ‘Program’ from the search list.
  • Open ‘Overflow’ button from the player.
  • Click to check the quality.
  • Click on ‘New quality’ you want to save.
  1. Reboot your Chromecast: If the problem of streaming is still not solved, then you can go for rebooting of Chromecast. To reboot it, follow the steps mentioned here as under:
  • Unplug Chromecast from the wall socket.
  • Wait for 5 minutes.
  • Plug it back into the power socket and turn it on. Check by streaming the videos again.
  1. Contact YouTube Support: After performing the above mentioned steps, if the problem still remains the same, then you are free to contact YouTube support. The support engineers are well versed in their field. They will troubleshoot the problem instantly or let you know the ways to fix it. If you want, you can even send your query via email given on the support page.

Still Any doubt: Sometimes, one may find a problem in understanding the troubleshooting tips properly. If you are among those, who find a problem in implementing the tips, then you can get support from technical executives sitting at Chromecast Support. They will not only solve your query but also let you know the reason behind the problem and how you can prevent it from occurring in the future again. If you are having any query related to channel setup on Chromecast, then you are most welcome.

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