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Facing Problem In Using Guest Mode On Chromecast Media Player?

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Are you getting annoying Guest mode problem on your Chromecast media streaming player? If yes, then there are certain steps with the help of which you can troubleshoot this problem. Today, we are going to discuss the steps in this post. You must read them carefully. After reading these steps, if you still find any problem, you can contact at Chromecast media support. A guest mode is enabled on every device which supports its app. The main function of this app is to cast the content on the big screen from android and apple device.


Now, we are going to discuss the issues which are quite common in a guest mode in Chromecast media streaming player.

  1. Guest mode PIN not appearing under Chromecast backdrop menu: If you are facing this problem, then you can follow below mentioned steps:
  • Go to the top corner of the page and click on ‘Guest’ menu from the given icons.
  • Turn on Guest mode after enabling airplane mode and disabling it. This is done just to refresh the device.
  • Enter the PIN code for your device. If you don’t find this code on the device, then you can visit the online link.
  • If the problem still exists, then restart your Chromecast. To restart your Chromecast, unplug the device and plug it back into the power supply. This will most probably solve your problem, otherwise, go to next troubleshooting step.
  1. No cast icon available on Chromecast app:

  • If you are using Android version 4.3 or higher, then only you will able to use Guest mode.
  • Check wireless settings of your network. For this, go to ‘Advanced’ menu of Wi-Fi network.
  • Restrict data usage from ‘Data plan’. You need to restrict data usage if you have subscribed to the limited amount of data otherwise, the video may squeeze whole data.
  • Connect your device to 2.4 GHz frequency band.
  1. Automatic pairing not working with audio tone: To troubleshoot this problem, you need to follow the below mentioned steps.
  • Check the volume of your TV, it must not be mute. If done accidentally, then turn it to the higher volume level. The volume must be set at the desired level.
  • Distance criteria must be followed. The max permissible distance between Chromecast and TV is 12 feet. You need to maintain this gap.
  • Check the device speakers. Sometimes some problem with it may create a problem. If your speakers are choked or blocked, then this may affect pairing.
  1. Audible click sound when connecting to guest mode: This sound is only detected when you are young otherwise, old persons can’t detect it easily. The sound speed and pitch are lesser than ultrasonic sound which can be only detected by young or small children. There is no as such solution to this problem, but if you are young champ, then we recommend you to use headphones while connecting the Chromecast player.

This is how you can fix the guest mode problem on your Chromecast player. If you still need any help or information, then it is recommended to call at Chromecast helpline number. The technical experts have deep and thorough knowledge about each and every topic related to chromecast.

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