Fast Play, A Feature That Has Left The New Chromecast With Wi-Fi ‘Flying’

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Google Chromecast 2 was launched with a lot of promises, and safe to say, it has stood on its promises in a great way. The device was packed with a number of features, but the one that caught everyone’s eyes is the Fast Play Connectivity, which was present in the first version of Chromecast, but we’ve got to see a whole new version of it in Chromecast 2. The feature was basically meant to preload the videos before users view them.

If you are still not aware of the ‘Fast Play Connectivity’ in Google Chromecast, then let me just begin with giving you a brief about it. Fast Play Technology makes Chromecast 2 up to 80 percent faster by uploading videos than its predecessor.

Better Wi-Fi

One of the main points that contribute to Fast Play is the Wi-Fi technology used in the new Chromecast. While the first version only supported 2.4GHz b/g/n networks, Chromecast 2.0 connects to both 2.4GHz and 5GHz under the new AC protocol. This means much more speed in data exchange between the device and the router.

The interesting thing is that the dongle makes the automatic exchange for the best available bandwidth. That is if your router is dual band Chromecast will always be connected to the network that is faster at the moment. This feature is a bit like SmartConnect, seen in the more expensive D-Link routers.

In addition, the Wi-Fi signal capture has been improved. Now the device has two internal antennas located in strategic positions to receive the signal from anywhere in the house.

Understanding Fast Play

In a very simple way, what Fast Play does is to preload the videos before they are viewed. The idea behind this is to eliminate buffering, that is, the wait that has to be made in streaming services until the video can be viewed.

To do this, Chromecast uses the content suggestion algorithms that streaming services, such as Netflix, have. If you’re watching a series, for example, Fast Play will load the next chapter in parallel. Therefore, the next episode will start instantly, without buffering.

The same will happen with movies. While you’re reading the synopsis, Fast Play will automatically load. When you play, playback will be instantaneous without the loading screen.

However, there are still some questions as to how this will work. It may be that on slower connections Fast Play has an opposite effect, locking even the video being watched at the moment. Most likely, the feature will have an option to be disabled or will automatically detect the quality of the internet.

Fast Play Connectivity is available in every Chromecast device regardless of the geographic location. If you are using Chromecast and unable to access that particular feature in Chromecast, then maybe something is not right in your Chromecast. Get your Chromecast checked by experts because Fast Play Connectivity is supposed to work in every Chromecast device.

 To boost the functionality of Chromecast over Wi-Fi networks, Fast Play Connectivity was introduced a couple of years ago. Yet many users are not aware of the feature, let alone using it. If you too want to know, what Fast Play Connectivity is and how to use it, then you can find all the information on the web.

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