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People have a lot of questions about the Google Chromecast device like its compatibility with other devices and the process to setup and use with different devices. Thus today we will discuss on every different parameter of this product. So just go through the following brief introduction to know more about it.

Google Chromecast is a device used to stream the audio and video content online from different sites. We can use it to stream the content on our laptop, television, mobile phone, tablet, etc. Google Chromecast is compatible with almost all of the Audio and Video devices. The companies are even working towards making their devices compatible with the Google Chromecast. The Chromecast not only supports the Android operating system but is also compatible with devices that use another operating system. Apple devices also support it.

Chromcast is made up of same buffering capabilities that are embedded within other streaming devices. Television is the one device that surely supports the Chromecast and starts streaming quickly as soon as we connect the Chromecast to T.V. Google Home application is the application that handles the streaming of content from the internet to your streaming device like speakers and television. At the early stage of launch of Chromecast i.e. 2014 it was only supported by a few limited number of applications and devices, but gradually the companies started manufacturing many other compatible devices.

Nowadays some devices have a built-in Chromecast setup. So in that, we don’t need to attach an external Chromcast device to start streaming shows. The built-in Chromecast is also known as Google Cast. It is very to set up and use the built-in Chromecast T.V you just need to do the initial set up for the “Cast” programming block. Google home application is used to set up this function. Ensure you are connecting you T.V, mobile, or any other output device to the same internet network that is being utilized by the Cast function. After the initial set up, open any of the streaming application like YouTube, Hulu, Netflix, etc. and click on the option to “Cast” that is present on the upper right corner of the screen within a small square like icon. Doing this will display the content on your device, and you can alter the other parameters by using the different keys for language, volume, etc.

All the T.Vs those have an Android operating system will have a built-in Chromecast so you can repeat the above procedure to stream the content. Few example of such T.V is Sony T.V, Vizio T.V, Philips, etc.