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Good news for Chromecast Users: Can now bypass TV show Intros

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It doesn’t matter which channel you prefer to watch your favorite show or series. The main thing which keeps on distracting your mind is the same intro frequently running on the screen.

Take for example if you have decided to watch a series of the show ‘Brooklyn Nine-nine’, then you will spend first seven minutes watching the intro at the beginning of every episode. This may annoy you. Some people don’t mind but some may think that it is totally a wastage of time. You can’t even skip this intro from your end. If you watch Netflix, then you will notice intro at the welcome screen.

If you are using a Chromecast Support for casting the contents from the Netflix channel, then there is a good news for you. You can fix this Intro by skipping it from the screen.

To use this skip function, you need to have the latest version of Netflix installed in your android phone. You will find this option at the bottom of the screen. You can directly switch to the main content and start enjoying your show without any hassle.

Earlier this month, Netflix had not updated the list of devices on which this skip option will work. Later on, the company has announced that all Chromecast users can use this feature after updating Netflix app. If you are using the iOS device, then we are sorry to say that you can’t access this option as of now but go to add soon. You will have to wait for some time.

·         The main thing you need to ensure is the version of Netflix App installed in your android phone or tablet.

·         A skip button will appear at the bottom of the controller.

·         For IOS users, this button will not show up as of now in your Netflix app.

The joy of watching the favorite episode quickly fade when you are to sit through to watch intro again and again after a regular interval of time. The only option left was to fast forward it but we are lethargic creatures. If any easy way is available, then why don’t we prefer that?

You will be delighted to know that you can now skip intro without fast forwarding it from Netflix app on Chromecast or other streaming devices.

For this button, you will have to update the Netflix app to 6.3.0 version from your android phone. After this, a button will appear in the app. whenever you start watching the show, this button will automatically get appear and after some time, it gets disappear until any new episode starts. You will

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