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Google Is On The Verge Of Launching Another Chromecast With Bluetooth Support

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Google is about to launch a new Chromecast model, which many believe is going to have Bluetooth support. If you are planning on getting a new streaming device, then you should wait for a few more days as Google will launch this Chromecast model anytime soon.

Those who were keeping a close eye on Google have found an interesting development going on in the company. They have received news that Google has registered Chromecast streaming device with FCC, and this device is going to have Bluetooth support. Although there hasn’t been any news related to the launch of this new model, many believe that Google can launch it in the first half of 2018.

If you have already started dreaming about this product as to how you are going to use it, then let’s just stop right there. Reason being, the lack of information about the product as of now. We don’t know what this device is going to be equipped with, and what it is capable of, so it won’t be right to jump onto any conclusion regarding the product because you will start imagining things, and then, if those are not there in the product, then you’ll be heartbroken.

Google hasn’t made any official announcement about the product, but it is confirmed that the company has registered a new Chromecast with the FCC. Also, the Bluetooth support will only be confined to this new model and the ones that will come in future. Now, let’s discuss the looks of this device, then those who are keeping a close eye on Google and its devices tell that this new device resembles second generation Chromecast, but there is nothing similar to Google Chromecast Setup and Chromecast Ultra models.

All eyes on I/O

Some people think that this updated Chromecast is going to work with Bluetooth Keyboards and Gamepads, but nothing has been confirmed as of now. Although there hasn’t been any official announcement on the launch date of the device, many believe that it is not that far. As soon as the formalities of FCC are done, the path for the launch of Chromecast will become clear.

When to expect more details?

People are clamoring for more details, which can only be answered in the developer’s conference, which will take place in last week of May 2018. Any information related to this device will be revealed in that conference, so you will have to wait until that conference. Google has been showing off new products and software programs in I/O, so there are huge chances that the company would do the same this time around as well.

If you are looking to buy a streaming device, then maybe you need to hold on for a few days or weeks, as then, you will have a brand new device with the latest technology at your disposal. The price of this new Chromecast will also not be that high, so getting this device will be the best thing that you can do this year.

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