Google Releases Fix For Chromecast That Was Causing Issues In The Wi-Fi Networks

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There is an update on the problem that has been causing all sorts of troubles to the wireless network. A few weeks ago, many Chromecast users began to complain of the problem related to Wi-Fi network while accessing Chromecast or Google Home on Wi-Fi routers. Let us find out as to what the problem is and what solution has Google come up with to fix this problem.

Google will start releasing an update to fix the problem caused by some of its devices such as Chromecast and Google Home on Wi-Fi routers. The error, confirmed by the company a few weeks ago, can cause the Wireless network to show instability – and even crash at times.

The fix will be made via an update to Google Play Service on Android phones. Google also recommends that router firmware update to the latest version available from manufacturers as that will solve the problem for many users. Others who face it even after updating the firmware will have to try further steps to fix the problem.

Users have reported on the bug in Internet forums a few months ago. However, Google confirmed the problem only after a TP-Link review was released. This is a bit sloppy on the company’s part that they have started to take action so late. A company of Google’s stature will not take this much time to acknowledge the problem. However, as they say, ‘it’s better late than never’, so it’s good that Google has finally acknowledged the problem and now, they will come up with a concrete solution for it.

At first, there were indications that the bug only affected TP-Link’s routers, but other manufacturers, such as Netgear and Asus, also released updates for their devices. In Brazil, there are reports that modems used by some carriers, such as Arris and Technicolor, are also affected.

The problem is with Cast, the technology used to stream videos and photos over the Wi-Fi network. When awakened from sleep mode, Chromecast may send an excessive number of packets. With this, the router must be overloaded – which tends to cause connection instability and in some cases even disconnect the wireless network. It is necessary to reset the device to make it work again.

According to Google, the error only occurs when an Android smartphone and a Chromecast are connected to the same network.

Still, according to the manufacturer, the fix is ​​being made available via an update to Play Services. However, the version of the component was not specified.

Finally, Google Chromecast and Google Home users will be able to access their devices using a home Wi-Fi router. This is something that they were not able to do before, but now that Google has unveiled

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