How to configure and use Chromecast device with Google Home

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Chromecast is one of the popular streaming devices used to watch all the online content. It works by just connecting to the HDMI port of any audio video device like T.V, tablets, android devices or any media player box, etc. Few users might find strange using the Google home for playing the content from Google Chromecast as they have never used this combination before. Thus, today we will go through the setup steps to use it with Google home to control the streaming content.

Steps to configure the Chromecast with Google home:

  1. Set the physical connection of Chromecast with your television and power on the T.V. Now ensure you made all the input output connections correctly like the audio and video wires on the correct input/output port. You can also get Chromecast help if you find any problem related to Chromecast.
  2. Download the Google Home application on any of your android devices like smart phone or tablets. If the app is installed, then tap on its icon to open it.
  3. Click on the icon for devices available at the upper right corner of the home page of the application to add your Chromecast device.Google-Home-info-screens
  4. Click on the option for “Add new device” to insert the device. So select the name of your device to add it to your Google Home.
  5. You will be given on screen instructions to link the Chromecast device to your Google home app like you will be prompted to do the Wi-Fi settings.
  6. So go to the Wi-Fi settings and select the Chromecast followed by the device number as the network.
  7. Go back to the Google Home application and click on continue.
  8. You will find the code on your T.V, and the mobile app so make sure the code is same. Now press the option “I see it” is you see the same code on app and TV.
  9. Set your region by choosing the city, state or country and then click on continue.
  10. Name your Chromecast device by a giving a name that is easy to remember and pronounce while giving the voice commands to your Chromecast. Modify other settings options like whether you want to enable data usage reports, crash reports, Guest mode, etc. and press continue.
  11. Select the name of your Wi-Fi network through which you want to use the internet connection for your Chromecast.
  12. Put the password and click on “Connect.”
  13. Click on “Login” option on google home app and Login to your account by entering the login credentials or if you are already logged in then click on “Continue as (followed by your username)” if you receive a prompt for it. We can skip this phase if we do not want to use the voice commands to operate your Chromecast else for voice commands it’s necessary to sign in to the Google account.
  14. Now you will see a small cast tutorial video on your device screen so watch it if you find it interesting else you can also skip it.
  15. Once you complete watching the cast tutorial or skip it, then you are good to use your Chromecast device. So start streaming the content you want either by regular keypad search option or with the help of voice command features.

So, this was all you need to setup to use your Chromecast with Google home. Hope you find this content useful and if you want to know the other Chromecast setup procedures then visit www Chromecast Setup.