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How To Configure Chromecast Media Player On iPhone, Ipad Or Touch?

chromecast set up

In our previous page, we have discussed steps to configure Chromecast on Android TV and smartphone. Today, we are going to discuss simple steps to configure Chromecast on iPhone, IPad or Touch. You will find the steps so easy that you can perform them on your own. Yes, in case of any problem, you can contact Chromecast Helpline. The support executives are available 24×7 for assistance.

Now, let’s start with the steps. Please pay close attention to each and every step as any step if missed by chance can create a problem.

  • Open the Apple app store and click on the ‘Search’ menu.
  • Enter ‘Chromecast’ in the search bar and press ok.
  • You will find the app on the screen. Click to get it for free on your device.
  • Wait for some minutes till it gets downloaded.  When finished downloading, you can open the app from the ‘Open’ button.
  • You may be prompted to click on ‘Agree to terms and conditions’ checkbox.
  • Setup your Chromecast now. If you have existing Chromecast device that is pre-configured on a computer or laptop, then click on ‘New installation’ option.

Now, you need to disconnect the Apple device from the home Wi-Fi network and connect it to the Chromecast. You will find the Chromecast name appearing in the Wi-Fi list. After connecting it to the Chromecast, you can change the network settings of your Chromecast to home Wi-Fi network. You can now connect the Chromecast to the Home Wi-Fi network.

Open Apple device settings and go to ‘Wifi’.

Switch to ‘Chromecast network’ from ‘Wi-Fi’ network.

Open ‘Chromecast app’ on your iPhone or iPad and you will find ‘Chromecast found’ message on the screen.

Click ‘Next’.

Now, you have to switch on the TV with which you have connected the Chromecast. If you have not connected the Chromecast yet to the TV, then connect it to the HDMI port of TV.  Once it gets connected, you will get ‘Chromecast screen’ on the TV.

Press ‘Next’.

You need to enter the country code in the next field. We hope you must know the country code where you are presently living.

Now, give a name to your Chromecast. You can give any name of your choice.

Click to select the Wi-Fi network on your Chromecast. You need to enter the password for authentication. If you have noted somewhere then get it from there, otherwise, you can check from the smartphone or tablet on which the same home network is enabled. Press ‘Setup’ to configure Wi-Fi. This is a one-time process. You don’t need to configure the Wi-Fi again and again.

You will find a ‘Success’ message on the screen. It means you are successfully connected to the Network. You can start streaming the content from the Chromecast app on your TV screen. It must be remembered that you must download the apps from chrome store before playing the content through them. To download apps like YouTube, Pandora, Netflix or Spotify, you can take help of the Apple App store. Don’t forget to check the support for apps before downloading them.


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