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How To Configure Plex On Chromecast And Use It Efficiently?

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The biggest question while configuring Plex on Chromecast is to find out the ways to caste the content on it without establishing any connection to computer or phone. With the help of the web client, you can easily send the content to the TV without playing on another device.

What are Plex and Chromecast?

Plex is a media server that provides content on TV, mobile, and other smart devices. You can use Plex for watching shows, movies, and videos. You can even listen to your favorite music through Plex when you are not at home.

Chromecast, on the other hand, is a low-cost media streaming device developed by Google that works well on normal TV having HDMI port.

The unique feature of Plex that makes it better than its competitors is its support for all the devices. You can set up any device with Plex and watch videos without stuttering and buffering issues.

How to run Plex on Chromecast?

You must ensure your safety and privacy first while downloading content from online. If you are using Plex server on any other computer other than a home computer, then it is wiser to use VPN servers.

With VPN, your connection to the internet will get encrypted and hackers won’t be able to hack your IP as they can’t see the site you are visiting. The hackers otherwise, can steal the passwords, account information and many more from your computer.

How to setup Chromecast with Plex

If you are a beginner and hasn’t done the setup yet, then first connect the Plex servers to the Chromecast. If you are already connected to the server, then no need to connect again. You can go to the next step.

Open Chrome://cast from your chrome browser in computer and check the list of devices. You will find the device list on the left side of the screen. Move ahead to the next step.

Plex on Chromecast settings

If you have not configured the Chromecast with Plex, then you will get the message in this regard on the screen that says, ‘Click to setup the Plex’. You need to click on it and then click on ‘Ready to cast’. Follow on-screen instructions to configure Plex on Chromecast.

Click on ‘Set me up’ button.

You will find the progress window on the front screen.

Now when the Chromecast device started communicating with the computer, you will be told to enter the code. You can confirm the code from the TV screen.

Click ‘Next’ after this step.

You are now prompted to enter the name of your device. If you are having more than one Chromecast media player at home, then you must name the second one different. Click ‘Next’ to move to the settings.

Here, you are required to enter the wireless details for connecting the Chromecast to the wireless network available at home. Click to finish the setup.

Now, you can communicate with Plex over Chromecast and stream content using mobile apps or web interface. You can change or customize the Plex servers according to your requirement.

How to optimize the Chromecast with Plex

No media streaming player is as powerful as it should be. You may encounter stuttering, audio de-sync or performance issues on your Chromecast media player. So, you can fix all these issues by optimizing the playback performance from Chromecast and plex servers. The steps to optimize the performance are given on the support link.

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