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How To Easily Stream YouTube Videos Through Chromecast?

chrome cast setup

You can now watch videos from on your big TV screen. You might be thinking how is it possible? Google Chromecast has made this possible. Just connect the Chromecast to the TV and start watching favorite videos from YouTube on it.

The steps to setup Chromecast with YouTube and TV are described here as under:

  1. First, connect the mobile and the Chromecast player to the same network. The connection to the same network is required because it will act as a medium of the interface.
  • To check the network to which the Chromecast is currently connected, click on ‘Settings’ followed by ‘Networks’. Here, you will find the list of networks and the network to which the device is connected right now.
  • To check the Wi-Fi settings on your phone or desktop, open ‘Settings’ then click on ‘Wi-Fi connection’. Check whether it is connected to the same Wi-Fi network to which the Chromecast is connected or not.
  1. select video you want to play

  • Open from the smartphone and click on video you want to play.
  • When you click on the play button. You will find the ‘Cast’ icon on the side screen. Click to cast the video to the TV screen. You will find the cast icon at the bottom of the screen when you open
  • You can watch the video directly from chrome browser if Chromecast extension is installed in it.
  1. Select Chromecast device

Select the Chromecast you have connected to the HDTV. Click on right device and start casting the videos. You can play the videos through mobile only if Chromecast app is installed in it.

  1. Stop casting content

To stop or pause the content, click on ‘Disconnect’ button given in place of the cast button. We want to mention an important thing here that while watching videos through a smartphone, you can continue browsing other things by minimizing the window on a smartphone. You can even open other apps like calculator or settings during the playback of videos. To stop casting the video, click on the ‘Cast’ icon again.

Playing videos back to back

If you want to play videos back to back, then you can do so easily by adding the videos to the Favorite list. You will find ‘Add to queue’ option on the side of each video. Click to add to the list. After this, go to ‘YouTube’ logo and start watching the videos. Furthermore, all the devices which are connected to the same network can add videos to the queue. For more information, you can read guided manual available on the Chromecast support link.

Important things:

  • There are some videos which you can’t play on the TV screen due to a support issue. If the format of the video is not supported by the TV or streaming device, then you will get an error in relation to this.  In such cases, you can contact Chromecast support.
  • YouTube video quality adjust automatically due to adaptive bitrate streaming. If the network speed in below normal, then it will shift to 360p quality. If the network speed is more than 5 Mbps, then it will shift to 720p.
  • The casting of videos is possible only through the YouTube app on mobiles.

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