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How To Eradicate Netflix Streaming Error From Chromecast Media Streaming Device?

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Are you not getting that experience which you have been expecting from Chromecast Setup streaming player on Netflix channel? If yes, then there is no need to get disappointed as we are here to help you with the suitable steps which will help you to get back to the seamless streaming experience on Netflix channel.

The steps to troubleshoot the Netflix streaming problem on Chromecast media player are discussed in the below-mentioned passage.

  • Check the OS version of Android in your phone: If you are android user and used to stream content through it, then the OS version installed in it must be up to date. You can check for updates from the phone itself.
  • Check if the device and the Chromecast is connected to the same wireless network or not:  You can communicate with the phone only if your Chromecast and phone is connected to the same wireless network. Here, the network will act as an interface between the phone and the Chromecast.
  • Check the power output of Chromecast player: The power outlet to which your Chromecast is connected must be in a working condition. If you have connected the Chromecast power adapter to the faulty outlet the Chromecast will not get sufficient supply. You can alternately connect the Chromecast to the TV USB port for power supply. Plug one end of the cable to the Chromecast and another end to the USB port of your TV.
  • Check a number of devices connected to the same network: If you have connected more than one device to the same network, then it may squeeze or affect the speed of your network and your video will keep on buffering, as a result, you won’t be able to enjoy the content properly. The best thing you can do is disconnect all the devices connected to the network for some time and try loading the content again.
  • Check the google cast extension installed in your browser: If you are using your computer browser to cast content to the screen, then don’t forget to check the google cast extension in it. The extension must be enabled and installed in the browser. If not available, you can download it online from the Chromecast support page.
  • Don’t add any special character in the Chromecast: You are suggested not to add any special character to the Chromecast name because it will be difficult for the network to detect such device with an awkward name. For more help, you can go to Chromecast link and check the availability of name from there.
  • Check firmware version of Netflix app: The Netflix app version plays an important role in the streaming of content. If the app version is not latest, then you need to download the latest one. Major bugs and performance will get improved after this. The current version for Netflix app is 2.4 or higher.
  • Check the cast icon: Check the cast icon available on the Chromecast screen. If the cast icon is not available, then there is a need to diagnose this problem. This may be due to a problem with the app itself. You need to uninstall the app and install it again from scratch. You are required to enter the activation code for Netflix app again.

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