How to fix annoying Chromecast notification

chromecast notification

We have noticed that Android users have been noticing troublesome notification that appears after using the Facebook app and viewing a video. It utters, “Cast Device Not Connected” and grips a play and close button. The notification opens the Facebook app when it’s tapped, but the button do nothing and it cannot be dismissed with the usual swiped. The only path to kill the notification is to force close this social networking app. Rest for any Chromecast Support you can get in touch with experts.

How to fix annoying Chromecast notification

If you are struggling with something like this on your devices such as phone or tablet, that no need to worry because you are not alone. It’s been happening to a seemingly immense amount of users, possibly every user who updated to the new public release of the entire Facebook ‘Katana’ app. Android police readers have been making their irritation known in no uncertain terms on our Facebook page and on Google+. The complete version of the Facebook app has been much mocked lately- various users have moved to Facebook Lite, for example. But this the first time in a while that we have caught the Facebook app have such an observable and irritating error. Let us remind you if you’re new to Chromecast then you are free to grab the steps of Chrome Cast Setup by contacting professionals.

Fortunately, it’s facile to get rid of this problem. The beta version of the Facebook app, available via the Play Store’s standard beta interface, doesn’t grasp this error. The beta version is also up on APK Mirror i.e. version There’s even finer news: The Chromecast notification seems to be a forerunner to entire Chromecast functionality in Facebook. I beta version of this social networking app, videos can be transferred to the closest Chromecast without the problem and without an unkillable tenacious notification. Undoubtedly the next general update to the quality app will grip both the Chromecast functionality and the notification fix. And if you’re new to Chromecast and want to know that how to Set Up Chromecast then simply contact the professionals.