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How To Get Chromecast Updates Before Their Official Launch Date?

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Google Chromecast receives updates from time to time. However, you can get those updates before their official launch date. To know how to do so, you better check out the blog post.

Google Chromecast is one of the top streaming gadgets. The biggest advantage of buying Google Chromecast is the low price it is available at. Where most streaming devices are priced above $50, with some even touching $300 mark, Google Chromecast can be bought for $30 or less. Apart from the price, Google Chromecast has got all the features that users would like to see and access. Yes, there might be a couple of features absent in Chromecast, but then, you need to look at the price difference as well.

In order to get the best streaming experience in Google Chromecast, you need to download and the latest updates as they come. You can do a better thing, i.e., get the updates before they are launched officially. How you can do that and what are the legalities of it, we are going to discuss in the sections below.

It is a well-known fact that Google Chromecast keeps getting updates from time to time. If you get those updates after they have been officially launched, then that’s a normal thing. However, you can get those updates earlier as well. Want to know that can be done? Read on.

Google Chromecast: Get updates earlier

With Chromecast and Chromecast Audio, Google offers two easy-to-use and cost-effective solutions to bring video or audio streams to your TV or stereo. Again and again, the streaming dongles get software updates that fix problems and sometimes extend the functionality. Instead of waiting until now for the release of the next firmware update, there is now a way to get faster to the improved software.

Google recently launched the Chromecast preview program. Who signs up for it, gets the latest firmware updates before the official release. However, as Google emphasizes, this is not beta software. Rather, the preview software should have the same quality as the later production updates.

How to take part in the Chromecast Preview Program

To participate, you must have a first or second generation google chromecast help or Chromecast Audio. To sign up for the preview program, you need to open the Google Cast app on Android or iOS. Then you select the Devices tab and mark the Chromecast device you want to join the program with. Now you need to tap on the device card menu in the top right corner, then on device settings and then on preview program.

Unfortunately, it is also possible that the option will not be displayed. Then Google will not look for other participants for the program at this time. However, according to the search giants, this is supposed to change frequently. Therefore, it may be worthwhile to regularly check the availability of the option.

If you are still not clear as to how to use Chromecast’s preview program, then you can consult Chromecast Helpline for the same. They will offer you the best assistance regarding this particular feature of Chromecast.

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