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How To Make Use Of Android OS For Installing Kodi On Chromecast?

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It is learned that you can now install Kodi on media players like Chromecast and Roku with the help of Android OS. If you have an Android smartphone in your pocket, then the process of installing Kodi is quite simple. Once this app gets downloaded, you can start streaming it flawlessly. Now, we are going to discuss steps to install Kodi on Chromecast. There are two methods to install Kodi. We will discuss both methods in this post.

  1. Fast and easy method to install Kodi on Chromecast: This method requires some apps to be installed on your android device first. These apps are mentioned here as under:
  • Kodi
  • Local cast
  • ES file explorer.

Once the apps get downloaded, download another file named as .XML from the factory core player.

Open download folder and search the file you are looking for. Copy the code from here and paste it in ‘Android data org.xbmc.kodi’ file.

Open data folder of the user.

When the pasting part gets over, open Kodi app and try playing videos from it. If you have installed any casting app other than Kodi, then it will ask you to select the source for casting.  If no such other app is installed, then the video will automatically start playing.

If you are asked to select device for streaming the video, click on ‘Chromecast’.

  1. Slow but efficient method of downloading Kodi on Chromecast

There are some users who find it difficult to implement method one on their android device. If you are among them who is unable to apply method one, then you can go with the second method which is slightly different than the former one. In this method, you need to use a Screen mirroring feature of your android phone or tablet to install Kodi. Rest, the steps are almost same as that of the first method.

This method is easier and simple to implement but this may squeeze the battery of your phone faster.

Use VPN with Kodi

You can download Kodi app for free from all app stores like play store, Apple store. If you want, you can download add-ons for Kodi on your computer which eases you to watch movies and shows flawlessly. However, no all add-ons are available at all locations. Some of them are location based. If you are fond of watching movies from BBC iplayer, then you can watch only in the UK, not in another country.

You can make use of VPN software to stream BBC outside the UK. This is a type of software which hides your current IP and changes it to the desired location. You can change the IP address of your device temporarily with VPN service. It is important to go through the features and services provided by VPN software before installing it in your device. If it meets your requirements, then you are good to go. If not, then you can search the same on the internet.

These days, some VPN services are providing more than one connections to the users which means you can use the same VPN on more than one device at the same time. ‘Express VPN’ is one of them. You can go with this service. It is secured and well-defined VPN service accessible from any part of the world.

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