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How to manage Chromecast with the help of Privacy settings?

Google Chromecast

Privacy settings for Chromecast can be used to keep all the personal information secure while you are interacting with different Google products and services. So today we will discuss all the privacy settings that can be enabled to safe guard the personal information.

It is said that Google uses our Cast data and Crash reports to keep track of our system activities. We can restrict this Google’s collection of data by disabling the default settings that allow it to monitor the whole of your data. So use any of the following ways to restrict this collection of information:

  • To manage the information for Chromecast or Chromecast audio devices, one can use the device settings menu available with the set up for Google Home
  • In case of Android devices, you should go to the setting menu and then open the settings for Chromecast to disable the default setup.
  • To turn off that default setting for third-party in built Chromecast devices, one should open the utility application settings and then turn down the settings that allow the tracking of data.

All devices which have an in-built Chromecast are also prone to this collection of information by Google. In case of such devices, their manufacturers can also use the other information like usage of that device related to the privacy policy. So, make sure you turn off the default settings to hide your information from Google.

Whenever you attempt to cast the content from a non-Google app or Google app and website, then a unique identifier of your Chromecast device is shared with its operator for Digital Rights Management of that site. Also feel free to get Chromecast support if you find any issue with Chromecast.

Also in case you want to sell your Chromecast device, then make sure your factory reset the data of your Chromecast. Factory reset will delete all your older information related to that device and will thus prevent the leakage of your information. So, go through any of the following factory reset steps before selling your Chromecast device:

Way 1:

  • Open the Google Home application.
  • From the top-right corner of the app’s home screen, tap on the icon for Devices to view all the available Chromecast devices.
  • Find an option for Factory Data Reset (FDR) and tap on the device card menu.
  • Now open the Settings menu.
  • From the upper-right corner, click on the option for “More.”
  • Choose the option for Factory reset or
  • In case you receive a prompt for “would you like to reset your device,” then confirm it by selecting “yes.”

Way 2:

Hold down the Chromecast button for a minimum of 25-30 seconds, so the LED light on your Chromecast device glows up to a solid light and the TV screen goes black as it restarts. Make sure you do this while your Chromecast is connected to your television then only it will lead to the Factory Data Reset of your Chromecast device.

So, this was all you need to do to secure the data on your Chromecast devices with the help of some security measures. Also, remember you always head to Chromecast Com Setup for getting the best setup procedures for Chromecast.