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How To Resolve ‘No Cast Destination Found’ Issue From Chromecast?

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If you are facing problem in streaming content on Chromecast, then multiple reasons can be the reason behind it. In case, you are having Chromecast Built-in TV, Chromecast player or Chromecast Built-in speaker, follow the steps given below to troubleshoot ‘No cast destination’ problem.

Troubleshooting tips: First, try to fix the problem by filling the troubleshooting form available on support link. If you find the problem is still not solved, then move to troubleshoot steps given below:

Normal or basic troubleshooting

  1. Check the Chromecast if it is properly configured or not: You can cast the content on the big screen only if the Chromecast or Built-in Chromecast in your TV is properly configured. If both the devices are connected to the same Wireless network, then only you can communicate with the smartphone. If the device is configured properly, then you will find the name of Chromecast appearing on the TV screen.
  2. Try Google home app: To try Google home app on your smartphone, you must turn on Bluetooth first, then connect it to the Chromecast.
  3. Turn on 2.4 GHz Frequency for the Chromecast device: There is multiple ranges of frequencies available to which you can connect the Chromecast. If you are using a 5GHz band on the router, then change it to 2.5 GHz and disable AP. If you are using a Laptop or computer for casting the content, then use 5 GHz for maximum performance.
  4. Check Operating system: Some operating system doesn’t support Chromecast device. If there are some apps preventing Chromecast from casting, then delete those apps or troubleshoot the Chromecast after this.
  5. Do you able to cast content from other devices? If you are able to cast the content from other devices, then there is a problem with the smartphone but if you are getting the problem in streaming from all devices, then follow the tricks mentioned below:
  • Restart your wireless router by disconnecting it from the power supply. Connect it to power supply again and check the problem if it is solved or not.
  • You need to check whether the device and the Chromecast are connected to the same network or not. If the networks are different, then make the same by power cycling the router and Chromecast.
  • If other devices are playing the content easily, then there is definitely some problem with the chrome browser.
  • Download latest update for your chrome browser. If you are using the latest version or don’t know the current version installed, then click on ‘Search bar’ followed by ‘Update’ option.
  • If any VPN service is enabled on the device, then disable it for a moment. Sometimes, some VPN’s get clashed with Chromecast, as a result, the Chromecast is not able to communicate with the connected device properly.
  • Make sure that firewall or Antivirus installed in the computer is not preventing the Chromecast from working. If it is acting as a barrier to the Chromecast, then disable all such software’ for a moment and check if the problem is resolved or not.
  1. Additional troubleshooting tips: If you are unlucky or the above-mentioned steps doesn’t work for you, then you can try rebooting all the devices which include Chromecast, router, and computer.

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