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How To Solve Black Screen Issues With Chromecast?

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Due to the wrong setup of Chromecast people might experience black screen issues. Looking forward to its solution today we have some self-troubleshooting steps, so if you experience this kind of problem, then use the following procedure for resolving it.

Black screen issues occur if your Chromecast is not receiving good internet signal strength or if it is not getting an adequate power supply. Sometimes users might get a black screen and sometimes they may get black screen along with an error message saying “No Signal.” But both these issues can be resolved by following common troubleshooting steps listed below:

  • Check if the Chromecast is receiving power supply through the Power adapter that comes with its self-installation kit. Plug in the Chromecast directly to the power socket at your wall outlet. It might ensure that your Chromecast is receiving enough power supply for running properly.
  • Check if the LED lighton Chromecast is lit up or If it is not lit up, then check if you have powered On your device or not.
  • Keep your television tuned with the same HDMI input as in the case of Chromecast. You can do it from your TV remote by using Input, Source or Menu keys. You might need to go through different inputs before locating the correct one.
  • It might resolve the issue but if it is not resolved, then reset your Chromecast device.
  • Plug out the main power cord from your Chromecast device and plug it back after 20-30 seconds. Make sure you unplug your device from the primary electricity source instead of just plugging it from your television’s HDMI port. Remember you should get Chromecast Help if ever you detect any more issues with Chromecast.

Power cycling of Chromecast might fix the problem but if the issue is still not resolved, then try the following steps:

  • Power cycle your TV: Unplug the TV from the main electricity source and plug it back after 20 seconds.
  • Change the HDMI extender: Try using another HDMI extender, preferably the HDMI cable that came with your Chromecast device.
  • Try using another television device: Try to setup your Chromecast with another television at your home and check if the issue persists with this new TV. If the problem doesn’t occur with another TV, then it means there is something wrong with your older television. So try replacing it or get it checked by the technician.

If you experience Black screen with no LED light glowing on the device even when you have tried plugging it directly into the power socket and through a USB cable, then try following help steps:

Check if the Power Socket is in working condition or not. You can use an electrical tester for testing.

Try to use Chromecast with another power socket at home.

Check if the Cable wire is in good working condition. Ensure they are not torn or damaged as it might lead to the improper power supply and causing the issues like a black screen. If in case you detect that the power wire is faulty, then try to replace it with a new working one.

Going through all the above-listed checks and troubleshooting steps might resolve the Black screen and No Signal issues with your Chromecast. But if in case the problem is not fixed in spite of following all the listed checks and help steps, then you should report the issue to any of the nearest Chromecast service centers for getting it checked or replaced as per possible. If you have any more Chromecast setup related concerns, then head to www Chromecast Com Setup and get the best solution.

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