How to solve group playback delays with Chromecast?

google chromecast audio with speakers

While casting an audio from a group of Chromecast compatible media devices many times users might experience a delay in sound. Thus, today here we have few help steps to guide in fixing the playback delays.Thus, today here we have few help steps to guide in fixing the playback delays.

Every speaker has a unique model and design due to which users face a playback delay when they use all these devices together for group playback using Chromecast. To enjoy the best sound quality, we need to sync all these speakers in a group. So to solve this problem, we have a guided setup procedure. It will help you in solving the issue and provide you the best group playback sound. Chromecast audio has the feature to fix this inherent delay. In the case of some speaker, this delay is very minor, so you should not alter the settings for them and all other speakers where this delay is not much noticeable.

The correction for this playback delay should be done while the audio is being cast through all the speakers in the group. Doing this will help you in adjusting the sound correctly by showing the results at that time only.

Here are the steps to solve playback delay with the help of Google Home application:

  1. Tap on the icon for google home application to open it.
  2. Once the application opens up, select the icon for devices to view all the available Chromecast Audio and inbuilt Chromecast speakers.
  3. It will show up the list of connected devices, so highlight the one for which you want to modify the playback settings and click on the icon for settings on it. It may be like three horizontal dots.
  4. The settings menu will show up the current delay, so touch on the option for “Group delay Correction.”
  5. Stay between the out of sync speakers and alter the sound levels to be able to bring them to the same standard.
  6. Try to relocate the slider by moving it left and right and check from where the perfect sound comes. We can set it to the right place from where it gives the accurate sound without any delay.

Here are few steps to help you in making correct adjustments:

  1. Group playback correction should be done while the music is playing within the group as this will assist in identifying the changes at that moment.
  2. If there are multiple speakers, then start performing checks on any of the two devices and then carry on with the other two until all are synchronized together.
  3. Try to reside in between the speakers while adjusting the volume so that you can correctly measure the sound levels and then made the perfect level of adjustments between them.
  4. Start solving the playback delay by measuring the sound levels with the first played speaker.

Delay in the playback sound depends upon the different models of the speakers. Like the speakers with 0-40 ms have no delay, while the speakers with 0-80 ms and receivers with 0-70 ms have inherent delay issues that occur very commonly.

Hence today we learned to resolve the playback delay issues for group playing. Also feel free to get more Chromecast help options if you find any problem with it.