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How to solve setup issues related to Chromecast’s guest mode?

chromecast guest mode

Although it’s quite simple to setup the Chromecast guest mode still sometimes users face problem while setting up the guest mode. So, to avoid this inconvenience today, we will discuss the related problems along with their solutions.

While setting up the guest mode, people are unable to find the pin on their Chromecast’s backdrop. Sometimes they have the Pin, but the Cast option doesn’t show up the nearby Google cast-enabled applications. They are unable to go through the automatic pairing with the audio tones and hear a sound like clicks whenever a device connects to their Chromecast. So all these issues are one of the common problems faced Chromecast users while they are trying to Setup a Guest mode for their Chromecast. Today we have the particular troubleshooting steps to overcome all of them. You just need to go through them for resolving the issue.

  1. Unable to view the Pin for guest mode on Chromecast’s backdrop:
  • Select the device card menu available at the upper-right side of device card to view the settings for the Guest
  • Make sure it is set “ON.”
  • Turn Off the guest mode and then turn it back ON again to check if the PIN becomes visible on the device card.
  • If you are still not able to find the PIN, then try to power cycle your Chromecast by unplugging the Chromecast device from the electrical outlet at the wall, wait for 20-30 seconds, and then plug in the Chromecast back to that power outlet. This time the PIN should become visible on your Chromecast’s backdrop.

Chromecast guest mode

  1. The Pin is available, but the Cast option doesn’t show up the nearby Google cast-enabled applications:
  • Make sure the user that is connected as your guest is using an Android device or a device with an iOS operating system which should have Android version 4.3 or above and iOS version more than seven
  • Check the settings of your wireless network: Hold your Android device to open the Settings menu. Click on Wi-Fi settings to view the Menu. Choose the option for Advanced settings and click on to enable the option for “Scanning always available.” If the scanning settings are already enabled for all time, then leave it same.
  • Make sure you are receiving a good internet speed and are connecting to a 4 GHz wireless internet network.
  • Check the data plan settings: Data plan should be verified to make sure that the background Data is not restricted. Open the settings menu on your Android device. Select the option labeled as “Data Usage” and click on Menu and turn off the settings to “Restrict background data,” as the blocked background data might be responsible for causing the problem.
  1. Unable to go through the automatic pairing, then go through the following steps:
  • Make sure that the TV audio settings are not set to mute, and should be fixed to a volume level. Remember you use same volume level throughout streaming.
  • Try to be within 10 to 15 feet from your Chromecast.
  • Ensure the Android or iOS device is not at all blocked that might restrict the audio pairing.
  1. Hearing of sound like clicks whenever a device connects to their Chromecast: It is not a problem as these sounds can sometimes be heard during the pairing of devices.

So this was all you need for solving the different issues that you might face while configuring guest mode on Chromecast. For more concerns related to Chromecast feel free to get Chromecast help.

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