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How To Stream To Your TV Via Chromecast And Keep The Sound On Your Phone?

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Do you know how you can watch your favorite videos with more privacy and leave the audio in the headset by the smartphone? Well, this is what the main point to discuss today.

Have you been wondering all these days as to how you can stream content from your phone to TV via Chromecast with leaving the sound on the phone only? If yes, then the answer to that question is going to be provided in the section below. The section involves a few steps that you need to perform in the exact same manner in which they are given.

To use Chromecast more privately, the user can keep the video on TV and audio only on the phone. That way, it’s not necessary to spend money on a Bluetooth headset or with a long cable, if you prefer to run the media silently.

To do this, simply plug the handset into the smartphone and the setting will not allow the sound to be played on the television speaker. This trick is done using the free LocalCast app, available for Android.

The feature allows you to stream all media from your phone to the TV with few taps, ideal for discreetly listening to your favorite music clips, videos with friends and more personal media. Learn how to use the feature in this tutorial.

Step 1. Download and install the LocalCast application on your phone. Then touch the menu button on the side of the app. In the “Library” category select “Videos”.

Step 2. All media saved on the phone are listed on the screen. Tap the video you want to cast on your TV and confirm by tapping the name of your Chromecast to start streaming.

Step 3. A streaming screen will open to control the broadcast on the TV. Touch “Direct Device Audio” and check the text box next to “Direct Device Audio”.

Step 4. Next, drag the traditional notification bar at the top of your phone and find the media streaming card. Tap the speaker button, switching from the icon to the icon without the dash. At the same time, the sound will be turned off on TV and will remain on only on the phone.

Step 5. It can happen that the audio is delayed in relation to the video, because of the streaming and running on different devices. The LocalCast app lets you adjust this through the same “Direct Audio to Device” menu. Touch the “-0.1sec” (delay) or “+ 0.1sec” buttons (advance) until the sound is synchronized.

Step 6. Now just plug your headset into your phone and enjoy the video on the big screen with the private audio.

That sums up the process of watching your favorite content from your phone onto the big TV screen via Chromecast privately. I hope you have understood the entire process. If not, then you can always take help of technical gurus, which in this case is Chromecast Helpline.

You will receive all the help you want from this support facility. So, don’t hesitate to ask for help because it is always better to seek assistance rather than going in the wrong direction altogether.

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