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How To Troubleshoot Chromecast If It Stopped Working On Samsung Galaxy S3?

Have you configured Chromecast app on your Samsung S3 phone. If yes, then is it working properly? If you are getting any problem, then you are not alone who is facing this problem. The same problem has been reported by a number of users.

The Samsung users have complained that they are getting problem while trying to stream content from Samsung S3 phone. They have tried their best to fix this problem but didn’t get success. Some of the users have even felt that it would be better to leave this platform and try another one. But here, we want to mention that there is no need to switch your mind from one service to another. Just follow the simple steps which we are going to discuss today.

Our technical team has found out the best fix for it after trying a number of attempts. We are going to share the same fix with you. If you find any problem in understanding the steps, then go to Chromecast support page from your web browser. There you will find a complete guide. You can also call at given support number.

When you connect your Chromecast to the TV, then it will automatically recognize the device on a port. You need to switch to the right port to select Chromecast.  At the same time, you will get a notification on the Samsung screen which reminds you of connection. At this point in time, when you try to connect to your phone for playing content, you keep on getting an error message on screen.

We want to mention here that the problem lies within the phone wireless settings only. There is no need to diagnose your TV and router. Open your phone settings and click on ‘Wireless’ settings. Here you need to click on the network available for your home network. Open network and click on ‘Advanced’ settings. You will find the fix here. Change the settings of your IP to Static and set the DHCP settings to default.

After implementing these steps, if you are still having trouble, then follow the steps which we are going to explain now. These steps are similar for all Samsung models. We hope you will definitely get success after implementing these steps. If you call at Google chrome support number, then you will get quick assistance from response team but they will first listen to your query.

  • Change the protocol of your router. You will not find the process for this setting in the guided manual.
  • If you are using Belkin router, then check the UPnP settings.
  • Change the location. Don’t place your router at the one corner of house.
  • Try using a different router. You can use any company router to check if the problem lies within the router or not.
  • Resetting the router settings to default may help you in solving the problem.

After implementing the above steps, if you are still facing the same problem or the problem still infuriates you, then there is no other option left than to call at given Chromecast support number. Yes, if you get success after the steps, then you can start watching the contents from YouTube or other channels without any hassle.


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